Can hardly ever access Lycos mail anymore.

biwako_of_abiJuly 11, 2010

This is different from the trouble I had back in December, because most of the time I can't access my Inbox at all. I found the following in a Lycos Help FAQ:

"We have updated Lycos Mail to a new and improved version. (powered by Zimbra)

If you are using a third-party email client such as Microsoft Outlook,

Thunderbird, or MacOS X Mail, you will need to update your email settings (POP/IMAP and SMTP) now. These changes are required to improve the security of your email and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Your new settings:

POP Server:

IMAP Server:

SMTP (Outgoing Email) Server:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lycos recommends that all users access email via the IMAP protocol instead of POP. IMAP allows for seamless offline storage of emails, support for folders, and other improvements. In addition, some POP users may experience bugs such as mails appearing twice or being downloaded again while migrating to the new system."


I have WinXP, media edition, cable Internet service, and use FireFox. I never use Outlook.

My trouble is that (1) I don't know how or where to make the changes Lycos is recommending, (2) I'm not sure whether or not they would make a difference in my case, since I am able to access my email once or twice a day, if I try frequently, and (3) I am worried that if I make those changes and can access Lycos, I might start having trouble accessing the other emails I use, Hotmail, Netzero, and Gmail.

Can anyone please help me with these three things? Being unable to freely access the mail I used to use the most when making online purchases and for messages from the forums I visit is infuriating.

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Are you using a third-party email client? If so, which one.

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Thanks, but I don't even know what it means to use a third-party email client. How can I find out?

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Do you use a desktop mail program, such as Outlook Express, or do you go directly to the web mail via your browser? The instructions that Lycos gives sound as if they are for one of the desktop mail programs. I use gmail and myrealbox, but I read my mail via Outlook Express on my XP computer and via Windows Live Mail on my Windows 7 machine.

If you use OE, I'll be glad to give you step by step instructions for doing this.

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Thanks, Grandms. I couldn't reply right away because I had to go out for several hours.

I go directly to the web mail via my browser, connecting to each type of e-mail separately by clicking on it in Bookmarks (=favorites). I never use Outlook E. and although I do use Hotmail, I decided not to have it gather all my e-mail in one place. I use one e-mail program for one sort of business, and other programs for friends, or i-Tunes receipts, and so on. It simplifies life somewhat.

Hmm, although over the past three days or so, I had to give up on many of my attempts to bring up Lycos, this morning and again, just now, it came up with no problem. I can't help connecting the trouble with their switch to Zimbra, but on the Zimbra forum that I visited in hopes of a cure, Zimbra told someone else that it is entirely a Lycos problem and, in effect, washed their hands of it.

When I was searching here for a solution, I came across a post I made in Dec. about something similar, but not as bad as it was this time. I guess if no one else is having this trouble and it doesn't start bothering me again, I might be smart to just let sleeping dogs lie!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

oh well now how helpful and adult that comment is NOT!
looks like we have a little troll.

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I tried to go direct from Mozilla Fire Fox but Licos doesn't let me go into my e-mail even if I have tried to complete the form it come up .....WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM LYCOS,AFTER I HAVE RECOVERED ALL MY E-MAIL I WILL CANCEL THIS E-MAIL .....LOT OF NONSENSE AND WAIST OF SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

wow had to drag up a thread from 2010 to give that rant?

no one is making you use lycos, just quit using it LOL.
Honestly I had no idea Lycos was still around I thought it was dead and gone years ago.

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I understand your rage, as I had another similar problem with Lycos a few months ago. It took weeks to get any help with it, during which I moved everything I cared about that had been going to Lycos to my gmail address. Now I remember Lycos maybe once a week, or less often, and seldom visit my account there.

You know the old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me"? Lycos (or would that be Zimbra, who now powers it) has caused me a lot of trouble over the years, most recently showing a touch of "moronity" in automatically sending requests for lost passwords to one's LYCOS email (when the whole problem was that I couldn't get into it), and I finally decided that the old saying applied to me, with "seriously annoy" substituted for "fool."

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