How do you clean your marble floors?

marcia59October 18, 2010

I have committed to honed carrara floors in two bathrooms. One is getting 12 x 12 tiles, the other is getting herringbone. No marble in actual wet areas, as one has a bathtub only and the other is getting pebble flooring in the shower.

Everything will be properly sealed.

There's lots of advice out there about what to use to clean the marble and stone floors, but I'd like to know what you have found that works. Brand names, please. Method brand granite cleaner gets wonderful reviews everywhere I look for cleaning all sorts of stone, but the people at Method say not to use it on floors, as it will make them slippery. They do say that I can use their all purpose floor cleaner on marble floors. Also, I just looked at the bottle of Swiffer Wet Jet liquid that I currently use around the house on tile, wood and vinyl floors and it says it can be used on stone and marble floors. Any opinions from someone not trying to sell me something?

What gets the floors clean but doesn't ruin them?

And now that I've committed to the floors, should I be worrying about what I'm using in the rest of the bathroom? That is, worrying about stray droplets of spray from Tilex or Windex or Scrubbing Bubbles getting on the floor? If I switch everything over to stuff from Method am I just overpaying for the illusion that it's all somehow both gentler for the floors and more environmentally responsible or will those products really do a good job, be kinder to the environment and be kind to my marble (also make dinner and bring peace to the Mideast)?

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Hi Marcia,
I have 12x12 honed calacatta marble on my bathroom floor. I'm using 409 Stone cleaner diluted with water to clean them. I also use the 409 on the vanity and tub deck so it makes it easier to have one cleaner. I'm too lazy and cheap to order anything more expensive and the 409 is available at my local grocery store. I have used diluted Oxy Clean to clean my shower floor which is also marble but it's a mosaic and has a lot of grout.

I'm really careful with getting drops of Soft Scrub on the marble while I'm scrubbing the sinks but I think I'm going to just use the Oxy Clean mix on those too from now on.

Neither product promises world peace but Pledge Multi Surface can clean stainless, glass and is MARBLE safe! I just picked some up and am going to try it out on an old remnant before I start spraying my bathroom mirrors and windows with reckless abandon!

Update: Pledge Multi Surface is marble safe (I tested it on an unsealed, honed tile), cleans glass AND stainless. So, that brings my favorite, easy to get and marble safe products to a total of 3:

1. 409 Stone Cleaner spray
2. Oxy Clean
3. Pledge Multi Surface spray

Did you save a few tiles to run tests on?

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Nothing has been installed yet, but I have samples I can test even before the tile goes in and I will definitely remember to save some samples for testing purposes. Thanks for the info.

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