Make slate tile shiny?

rob333October 19, 2008

It looks so good when it's wet, and I thought, when we seal it, it'll look shinier; so did he. Today is the last day of our bathroom we've built from the ground floor up with your help! Yea! Thanks for the help settling little disruptions, but help us tweak it if you can!


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If you want it to have a shine, look for a top coat sealer-- something like MIracle's Mira-Gloss.

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Thanks, it helped. Now then, it's still not as "shiny" as I want. Is this just inherent from the tile or can I do more coats and it get better?

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To SOME extent, it'll get better. You can't layer on 10 coats and expect to read the paper in the reflection! It wouldn't hurt to use another coat or two, though.

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Thanks Bill, you're a darling! Now if you and Mongo were just here in person so you could talk to hubby in advance of the arguments... I could've avoided the vapor barrier fight, the sink fight (which he LOVES the height now, thanks to you Mongo)... and there wouldn't be so much dang concrete on the tub surround. I ended up teaching him how to grout after he stood over me, trying to tell me how to do it (eventually, I gave up and ended up letting him do it, then fixed his mistakes). And I also ended up teaching him how to properly drywall. He thought he knew so much, but when it comes to finesse, I'm the go-to gal (with a little help from my friends!) ;)

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MY wife's like that, too. It's like the old one liner-- I knew I was marrying Mrs. Right. I just didn't know her first name was ALWAYS!!

Since then, though, I've learned the two most important words in the English Language-- YES DEAR!! :-) (doesn't mean I always MEAN em, but I know how ta say em!)

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