Angled grab bar next to toilet?

elphaba_gwOctober 29, 2012

Anyone use an angled grab bar next to their toilet? Looks pretty institutional, right? I think we need it but in most ways, I'm managing to keep the institutional looking ADA kind of hidden. Looks like this one will be out in the open.

For those who bought this, any regrets? Any other options you might have looked at such as a straight bar (maybe 18 inch) installed at an angle i.e. with one end lower than the other instead of this angled one below?

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Just after I posted the above, I found another post here on aging in place and grab bars. I think the Pickens brand there looks decent and not so clunky. Wish I would have known about signature hardware earlier. Funny how they don't show up on google "grab bar" searches. Well at least I hadn't pulled the trigger on the bar next to the toilet. I like the one below much better though it seems a bit long.

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I think it was the ADA bathroom thread on here where there are some nice looking grab bars. They blend in decently well. One was a TP holder grab bar for next to the toilet if I remember correctly.

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I've linked the other thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: aging in place thread

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elphaba, I like the 1st one you posted. The reason that the 2nd one doesn't look so "chuncky" is because it is longer - so the length to the diameter ratio is different. This is a guess. But the 2 contacts vs 3 contacts tells me that the one with 3 contacts is longer. From what I have noticed is that grab bars are pretty standard in diameter. I think months ago I saw that there was a web site with different sized diameter bars. But that was atypical in my searches.

I bought 2 Kohler grab bars, 1 for my bathtub, and the other for use as my towel bar. They are in polished stainless. They are very pretty in my opinion. Not fancy shaped, just a pretty shinny chrome color in stainless.

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I like the longer one. I can tell ya I'd have loved to have had something like that yrs back when I broke my knee cap. That was pure H to sit down and to get up.

with the longer one you have some room to move your hand up and use it to help pull yourself up.

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elphaba, I misread your statement about the "chunkiness" with regards to the bars. I think Desertsteph has good point about the length. Good luck in your search.

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