seek refrigerator - side-by-side, no water dispenser

jgy2001September 14, 2012

We are shopping for around 22 to 25 cu ft side-by-side refrigerator. Willing to pay a little more for better quality. Our current GE is noisy.

Which made and model would you recommend? We are in San Jose area. Where you recommend to shop locally or online?

We wish to have NO door water dispenser. Also NO ice maker (or removable so that it can be taken out).

Side by side model would be good, but hard time to find any without door water dispenser.

Thank you.

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I would suggest a french door model instead. There are far more of them without the ice and water on the door and you get the bonus of more usable shelf space because of having the entire width of the fridge interior for storage instead of having it cut down the half in the middle.

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French door not for us, as we are just as apt to get into the freezer as the fridge, and at 70 years old I'm not into that
"Hands & Knees stuff" to access that which is frozen.

Also read the posts about both doors opening (unintentionally) on many French door models, as well as stuff always being "On the wrong side"---ie wrong door opened.

The other thing we like about our 48" Jenn-air is that we can keep the stuff we access the most, both in the fridge and freezer at the most convenient height for us.

It has no ice or water thru the door, we did not want that either, It does have an icemaker(which we use a lot), but it is easily removed from the fridge.

The Jenn-air has been trouble free for 6 years, with the exception of the ice maker. It died after about 5 years. A new one cost me about $150 and about 10 minutes of my time to change it.

Jenn-airs have the variable speed compressor--very quiet and holds temps very accurately.

We had a 10 hour power failure, it still managed to keep the fridge temp below 42F and the freezer below 14F as some of the heat from the fridge area bled into the freezer area---something Dual compressor fridges can't do. We were careful about opening it during the power failure to be honest though.

Good luck on your quest!


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We had the same requirements and chose the Kitchenaid KSRS25MWMS side-by-side because we didn't want a water dispenser or ice maker either. It has a 1-5-10-lifetime warranty depending on the parts. An ice maker can be added if needed too, but we make ice the old fashion way.

It was purchased online and shipped across the country with no damage or issues. The first week it gurgled a bit, but that's gone. The only minor issue is the doors are sometimes hard to open if you just closed it. Something about a vacuum that's created.

Kenmore makes a similar model in various colors. It's cheaper, but only has a 1 year warranty.

Here's a stock picture of the KSRS25MWMS.

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GE has some too. Cabinet depth only IIRC.

The Kenmore is made by Whirlpool, as is the Kitchenaid of course, so those are all quite similar.

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Are you saying the 22 - 25 cu ft side by side Kenmore and Kitchenaid are all made by Whirlpool?

Consumer report (7-2011 edition) rated Whirlpool no so good.

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