1-piece vs. 2-piece toilet?

tr1140October 1, 2009

Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me if there is an advantage/disadvantage to a one-piece toilet vs. a two-piece toilet? It seems like everything I'm looking at tends to be a two-piece toilet, but is there any reason to rule out a one-piece if I find one that I like? I'm also having an issue with the "comfort-height", but that's probably for a different thread!

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I'm not a plumber but I don't see a difference beyond personal preference.

We just bought a 2 piece Toto Aquia to replace the two piece American Standard in our bathroom renovation.

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The one problem I can think of with a 2 piece is that stray urine streams can get into the joint between the tank and bowl and fester. A 1 piece eliminates this. 1 piece tends to be more expensive. You also tend to be more limited with 1 piece in terms of choices.

I have a 2 piece Kohler Persuade which has what they call a "sanitary dam" between the bowl and tank. Basically there's a little step up from the top of the bowl to where the joint is. Makes it a bit more difficult to get urine under there. Not saying it's impossible though. Anyways, enough urine talk. I'm no plumber, so my opinions don't mean too much.

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It can be difficult to paint behind a one piece. Also, it may require two people to install - other than that, I'm wondering about it as well.

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i'd just consider the weight of it. two pieces - each weighs less and easier to carry.

or if the tank cracked it could be replaced on a 2 pc w/o replacing the bottom part.

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My plumber carried in our Toto Ultramax and set it by himself. One piece: easier to clean and one less place for a leak to occur.

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* Easier to clean
* Usually more compact than the same model 2-piece. An elongated 1-piece may even fit in the same space as a round-bowl 2-piece.

* Usually MUCH more expensive (for example, the Kohler Memoirs 1-piece costs almost twice as much as the Memoirs 2-piece)
* Harder to move (but not something you'd do very often)
* If it gets damaged, you'll have to replace the whole toilet (not something I'd lose sleep over)

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