Frameless shower door height

sriirvineOctober 22, 2012


The tile wall in our shower goes up to about 8 ft and our ceiling is almost 9 ft (sloped ceiling; goes up from there). Our rain fall shower rod goes up to 7.5 ft and the actual rainfall shower head is a bit over 7 ft. How high should our frameless glass shower be? I don't want to line it up with the top of the tile wall since I think that would be a HIGH glass shower! I don't want to line it up with the shower rod since that would look weird. So I think it needs to be a little bit lower than the shower rod. Is there a rule of thumb here?

Here's our shower system:

Our shower wall is white subway tile and we have some accent tile and a shower niche.


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I would probably recommend 76" or 78" in height.

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Thanks for the reply. Will it look weird if the rainfall shower rod and shower head are above the edge of the glass? I've been going crazy looking on house and I don't quite see the same configuration as we have.

Also, any thoughts on 2-hinge vs 3-hinge? If I went to 78" would 3-hinge be necessary?


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How thick is the glass? The typical shower hinge will carry 50 lbs per hinge. 3/8" glass weighs approximately 5 lbs per square foot and 1/2" approximately 6 1/2 lbs. Now those are all standard poundage's and ratings but you should be able to figure it from here.

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The glass is 3/8", so I think it'll be fine.

Well, I did some more measurements last night and it looks like I gotta make the glass 76" in order to make sure that it doesn't hit the rainfall shower if I open the door on the inside.

I think it's a good idea to be able to open the door both ways since I want to make sure I don't drip water on the outside after a shower.

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Tougher to get a good of a seal with a door that swings in both directions.

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