Which brands have yellowish tint to brushed/satin nickel?

trinintybayOctober 30, 2010

I went to another showroom yesterday to look at brushed satin/nickel. For me, in the different showroom's lighting, it is difficult to tell which brushed/satin nickel faucets have a yellowish tint. I am looking at American Standard and Delta for the most part, due to budget, but have also looked at Hansgrohe, Rohl, Jado and Porcher. Hansgrohe, American Standard and Delta looked yellowish to me.I also looked at the Brilliance Stainless Steel that Delta has and that did not appear yellow to me. I'm beginning to think it depends on the store lighting and it would look differently in our house.

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We're putting in Amer Std "Serin" line... hasn't been installed yet...still sitting in the box, but it doesn't look yellow at all to me.

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I'm wondering if you could have been looking at brushed bronze? In Kohler, it looks just like the brushed nickel, but with a slight yellowish tint. I was considering it at first, but decided that the difference was too slight to warrant the much higher price, and went with brushed nickel instead.

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Plumkrazy - Thank you for checking in the box. I think it is the lighting at the different showrooms. And perhaps that faucets are displayed next to chrome, pewter etc. I was interested in Dazzle from American Standard for my master bath but was concerned about the tint.
Suellen - I specifically went to the showroom yesterday and the saleswoman was showing me the different brands in brushed and satin nickel and this particular showroom does not carry Kohler. But I have never heard of brushed bronze so now I will be aware of it if I look at Kohler.

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no, you're not crazy. i found hansgrohe and american standard brushed nickel looked yellowish next to delta. but that's because delta didn't have a brushed nickel finish, they had a stainless steel finish. when i compared other stainless steel finishes to delta's, they matched better.

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I found that Moen has a noticeably yellower brushed nickel than all the other brands.

I compared the Kohler and Hansgrohe side by side yesterday and I couldn't see the difference in their brushed nickel finishes. I'm thinking of mixing the two brands...so that was a good result. :)

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I completely agree with therenee. Our Moen fixtures appear darker...more yellow-brownish (sounds worse than it is) when placed next to other brushed nickel brands. But, since there aren't any other brushed nickel accessories near the fixtures in our bathroom, it isn't noticeable.

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has anyone compared brushed nickel to satin nickel? we have a hansgrohe brushed nickel shower trim and are only able to find a grohe satin nickel (or american standard satin nickel) shower head and handheld that we like. the difference between brushed nickel and stainless was enough to bother me b/c the fixtures are all so close. do you know the difference between brushed and satin?

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When I asked several sources during my remodel, I was told they are just different names that different manufacturers use for the same finish. I couldn't ever find a brushed nickel and satin nickel in the same line of a manufacturer, they all were either brushed or satin- so assumed that what I'd been told was true. Different nickels seemed to have more yellow or blue hues depending on the manufacturer. I mixed Hansgrohe, Grohe and some off brand (tub faucet for toe tester) brushed/satin nickel in my shower and honestly, you would never know the difference, once they are installed and you realize no one is inspecting for differences (even I quit inspecting after it all came together).

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thanks olychick. that helps alot b/c i'm hoping to mix the hansgrohe and grohe brushed and satin nickels. however, the grohe does offer a satin nickel and brushed nickel in the showerheads i'm using (the 28 373 and 28 7085), so that's why i was asking. i'll probably have to get a different brand shower arm too b/c i'm trying to cut corners where i can.

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I swear I didn't realize that when I ordered my Grohe stuff! Here is an informative and very funny thread I just found.

Here is a link that might be useful: brushed or satin nickel

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I know this is an old post, but I wanted to add for perhaps some future reader that the Kraus brushed nickel is also slightly yellowish, as in "warmer" looking. It makes the silver tones actually look nicer with warmer colors, like the golds in the granites and brown paints, etc.

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