DVD player for older television

ellie45July 2, 2012

Neighbor asked if she should need blue ray dvd player for 10 year old television that will be replaced in the next year or so. She wants something that will work with the newest flat screen tv.


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A Blu Ray player will certainly work with a new television but the question is if it has outputs that will work with the existing, older, television. That's something your friend is going to have to check.

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It is safe to assume the old DVD player is connected with three RCAs so it will hook up just fine on the one of the HDTV's auxillary ports. Both of mine did. Even the VCR (play only) did on the computer room set.

If an owner is to buy something new ignore the lingering DVD stock and purchase a Blueray.


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OK, got it. Thanks.....

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