avast messages?

carolssisJuly 11, 2014

I've had free Avast on my Vista laptop for several years. No problems, until this last week. It kept messaging me that I have critical updates to install. I have my Windows update set to download, I'll chose to install. When I checked my Win update, there were none. 5 or 6 times, I had this message. How odd. I'm wondering if I should un-install and reinstall Avast. It updated itself today., Any ideas? Or maybe just wait and see. I prefer to keep on top of any issues. TIA

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Free Avast has never given me notices to do WINDOWS UPDATES...if that is what you're referring to. Avast's SOFTWARE UPDATER did tell me yesterday to do updates for ADOBE FLASH...so I did them manually and NOT thru the SU. Afterwards, SU said I still needed an update but today all is normal now and SU now shows no update is needed. Seems it just takes a while for Avast to catch up.

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Avast or any other AVI you download has nothing to do with Windows Updates, if it is saying updates available then it's updates for avast, my AVG updates daily. windows updates are part of your OS=operating system, other software you download is a program you added and it's up to you to set it up how you want it to behave.

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I've seen a couple off computers with an A named anti virus telling you windows updates is out of date. One was XP and its painful the wording and persistence of the message, and wastes time to discover how to disable that message.

Think its a scare tactic/gimmick to get xp and maybe vista users to pay for the premium version of their product.

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Thanks, all. I had no "critical" updates from Avast, either. Well, it's stopped now, in any case. I did have 6 critical updates from Windows, and now nothing from Avast. Maybe a glitch. Just wanted to stay on top of things.

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My free version of Avast warns me when programs I have installed have newer versions (even the browsers) and usually should be updated. These are not Windows updates, but programs you have installed.

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