I think I messed up

Korn_KatJuly 19, 2014

I am house sitting for my uncle, and so using his computer. All was great until I signed on this am. Last night, the browser addresses for the page I was on, was at the top, where I could click and look at some favorite pages to click on and be taken to that new page. Today they are in blocks at the bottom. I don't want my uncle having a fit about what in heck did I do to his computer. So, I have about week before he gets home to get it back the way it was. Can anyone help me?


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You could
- flip the monitor upside down.
- or right click and make sure taskbar is unlocked before you drag it back to where it belongs, then locking it.

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What OS=operating system W7 or W8?
Toolbar is on top, Taskbar on the bottom with browser icon sounds normal to me?

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I had to go look. He has W8. my computer at home is XP, and when I first got on his, the address of the page was in that little browser window just like xp.


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W8 is very, very diff from XP, and yes you can screw it up if you don't know what you are doing. are you talking about IE browser on one of the tiles on boot up? or are you going to desktop mode? what is it you are trying to do exactly?

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