towel warmers - bar vs. drawers

judysims84October 6, 2010

Want to put in a towel warmer for my new master bath. Should I get a warming towel bar or warming drawer. Any suggestions on brands/web sites to look at? I would like to see if i can fit a drawer in the vanity next to the shower but I don't see many of those advertised. The warming bars seem to be more popular. Thoughts?

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I think it sort of depends on if you plan to use them just for warming or also for drying. If you want to dry towels too (which is what I'm looking forward to even more than the warming part), then you're going to want the bar variety. If you don't care about drying, the drawer could be really cool.

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Do the bars really dry the towels? The drawers are very expensive - over $1500. I did see that Dacor makes a warming drawer for kitchens that is approved for use in a bathroom. They have 24 or 27" I believe for under $1000. Hope that helps.

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Have you looked at Runtal towel warmers? I don't know if they have a drawer version - don't think so. I looked at these when we had our Runtal radiators installed.

It's worth a look to see what they have. Their website is linked below.
Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Runtal

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The bars definitely dry the towels. In the various models of towel warmers I've used in other people's houses, etc., even the less expensive models dried the towels (assuming the towel warmer was on either a timer or on all the time).

We ended up going with a Runtal, but don't have it installed yet so I can't speak to how it works.

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The towel warming bars are more popular. You might consider looking at the brand Amba. They offer several different collections. Some of the towel warmers that they carry, can even be used as a heater for the bathroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amba

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My wife uses her floor-stand bar version to warm and to dry. I put it on a timer -- 24hrs per day was costing about $250-$300 per year for electricity (tiered rates here are up to $0.35/kwhr).


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I have the dacor drawer and I love it!
Caveat: I take 1 hr. baths every day and I put it on before I get in the tub and it makes the towel very nice and warm by the time I get out. When I take a shower though, the towel is not very toasty when I get out b/c it is not in there as long. I guess I could plan ahead and put the towel in an hour before the shower but I'm not that organized.

The drawer was expensive, over $1,000 I think once factoring in custom panel, etc. I am now remodeling a bath in a vacation house and going w/ a bar this time instead of the drawer because I am hoping I can get a similar effect w/o the cost of the drawer.

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We just put in Runtals and I am HOOKED. They are absolutely fabulous. On timers in both baths -- they are on and the towels toasty warm before I start my bath. The biggest plus (besides the luxury of a warm towel) is how quickly they dry the towels. We are in a humid climate in the summer and I am so looking forward to NOT having damp towels every day (ours never used to fully dry out). They are VERY hot on the high setting -- we never use it and I would be concerned, perhaps, if I had small children toddling around the bathroom -- but we keep ours on the middle setting and love, love, LOVE the luxury! We keep two big bath towels and a hand towel on them (I had some concerns about how many towels could be warmed effectively at once but our towels are big and all fit just fine). Cannot recommend Runtal highly enough.

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