Anyone have the Zephyr Savona wall range hood?

marcy96September 19, 2009

I'm looking at buying the Zephyr Savona 30" wall range hood. It's reasonably priced and looks like it has all the features that I would need. Does anyone have this hood and how does it perform? Is it very loud? Thanks for your advice.

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Yes, I have it. It looks great and performs it's duty. I also like the 2 halogen lights, which provide ample light over the stove.

However, I have been disappointed with the noise level. When I get done dealing with my lemon stove I'll probably try to figure out anything I can do to make it quieter. On the lowest level (it has 3) it's bearable. Level 2 or 3 forget about hearing anything but wind noise!

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Prestonbeary - that noise level may or may not be a fault of your hood. Sometimes excessive noise is due to the duct being too narrow, and/or there being a number of bends in the ductwork before it goes outside. Do you know what size is your exhaust duct (is it 8" diameter or greater?), and how many bends it has?

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Thanks, prestonbeary. I read a couple of online reviews that said it was noisy, which surprised me as I thought Zephyr hoods were supposed to be quiet. I guess I won't know until I install it.
Akchicago - how do I have the hood installed to keep the noise level down? Thanks!

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I have it. It looks great, performs well, and definitely agree it is very loud (much more so than I expected)! Although I don't know much about the install, it has one turn at most, then straight out about 8 feet to outside.

It met my needs as it didn't have an obnoxious badge, it looks nice in a traditional kitchen, and the price was right.

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perhaps still good for reference....

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Akchicago - I'm not sure how the venting is done.

I believe the unit spec'ed 6" duct and I am unsure of the length of the run of number of turns. I think one turn.

I will need to get up in the attic to double check. This is on my list of thing to get around to sooner or later!

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4 years later, I'd like to ask the same question. Anyone own the Savona hood? How's it performing? Noise level? Functionality? Would you buy it again??

Thank you!

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