Needing help with a video on an SD card

kessy56July 2, 2013

My son brought me an SD card with a video clip taken at a demo derby (no I'm not a redneck but my son is, haha!). The SD has a video on it but when I try to open it, all I get are a few 'still' pics. What program do I have to have in order to get the video? When I click on properties, it shows as 'read only'. I have no clue what I need to play it. I thought maybe WinDVD (I only have WinDVD 7) or maybe Quick Time, something like that would play it but apparently not. Is there something that isn't going to cost big bucks that will play it? Thanks for your help!

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What's the format of the video file?

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When snidely asks "What's the format?" that means what are the letters of the file extension.

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