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Sue_vaJuly 23, 2014

DA et al:

Posted by poohbear2767 (My Page) on
Wed, Jul 23, 14 at 21:30

On July 11 my cardiologist called personally and told us I need to be in the hospital RIGHT NOW. So we got ready and Cindy called an ambulance and then met me at the hospital. Seems my creatinine level was 3.5 and my ejection fraction was 10%. I spent a week in Erlanger hospital in Chattanooga. Then they ran out of options and sent me to a specialist in Nashville. I spent at least 4 days in ICU when I first got there. Then they moved me to a regular room for a few days. At one time I had 8 different IV medicines going into my arms. I feel like a pin cushion. I'm back on Hospice. And after much discussion with the doctors and with Cindy we have decided that I would be DNR. I have a short time to make a lot of plans and get things in order. I've already done a lot, but I still have a lot to do.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

Pooh Bear

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Thanks Sue.

I posted on KT.


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I too posted on the KT.......


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I also posted on KT.......

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Me, too

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I posted on KT too. I member Pooh Bear mostly from this forum so I'm glad you put this here.

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