losing time

paleblueJune 19, 2012

My clock has slowed down on my laptop and even though

I correct it, the problem remains.

Do I need a new battery? Is it difficult for a dummy to

replace? Where shall I buy one?

Is it possible for the battery to run down entirely and I

lose the information stored on my laptop?

Thanks so much for past and future help.

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What is the make and model of the Laptop? Laptops can be difficult to dissemble and get at the motherboard to replace the BIOS Battery.

"A dead or dying CMOS (BIOS) battery may cause your computer to take a long time to boot up. This is because your computer has to actually recreate the BIOS settings from scratch every time you reboot. Figuring out the number and location of hard drives, the available amount of memory and other information necessary for booting may cause your computer to delay significantly. This can also cause the computer to run at the wrong speed, since the BIOS settings aren't retained.

The clock on the computer loses time indicates a dying BIOS Battery.

A computer with a bad CMOS (BIOS) battery may refuse to boot entirely."

Replace it as soon as possible.

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thanks Zep..............BUT am unable to find instructions
on how to open for replacement. Can you help?

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forgot....it's a gateway nav250

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Better check that model number, went to the Gateway site and there is no such thing as a nv 250...The nv (Not nav) series only goes up to nv 79C

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If you have a repair person you use, I would take it in. I know that's a pain to do but it's my best suggestion. Opening those laptops can be difficult. Everything is so small. I was going to get the model # and make and just Google that with the added "Change BIOS Battery and see if any good instructions came up...


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Here is a Youtube video to give you an idea and see if you have the wherewithal to tackle the issue.

Search Youtube for your specific model once you establish it correctly and you may well get lucky.

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One of my Toshiba manuals said the cmos battery charged as needed when the standard battery was in charging mode. If missing the laptop battery, or a dead one, the cmos over time would lose its charge & settings.

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Couldn't find anything on Utube. However, Amazon has a
replacement battery for Gateway NAV250. I ordered one,
hope it comes with instructions. Will let you know.


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You are not likely to get replacement instructions with the battery. That's because the battery is probably used in many computers, and is not exclusive to yours. You should find the manual for your computer (should be available at the Gateway site) as it's likely to show how to do this.

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I have the support document. What I don't understand is
it says: 'before you start using a new battery, you should
recharge it fully for at least 12 hours". I need to know
where do I get a recharger? The gateway I have is
apparently also an Acer 532H. Can you direct me as to where I can find the 'recharger?

Or...do I just use the charger that came with the laptop.

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There are 2 batteries associated with a Laptop. This topic concerned a very small battery that looks like a watch battery the size of a quarter. That's what this topic was addressing. We were not talking about a regular Laptop battery like you are now.

As far as your recent question though. Yes you can use the charger that came with the Laptop for the new Laptop battery.

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OK, now I finally understand. I will need someone who is
skilled to fix my problem. Thanks so much. Your patience
is abundant!

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Patience is required for helping on the forums, I help a ton of people, the best part is I like doing it. :)

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Then that makes it a pleasurable activity and we all are
grateful for your contributions. Well, I put out a call
for a techy on Craigs List. Should hear from someone
soon. I live close to a college. Have a wonderful

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Hello........nowhere on the internet after HOURS AND HOURS
of searching, can I find the product#of the CMOS battery
needed. The Gateway people won't help unless I pay a horendous fee just to get that number. Why do they make things so hard? It's gateway nav50...made by acer.

The only thing I can think of is for tech to come to my home (I'm handcapped), open it up, get the battery out
and then shop around for one. FRUSTRATION HAS SET IN.

Am I missing something that's obvious, but I just don't see it?

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OK..for future reference the cmos battery #cr2032 3 volt
lithium battery. very common...and cheap.

thanks all.

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