Counter depth fridge??? or Regular?

hedgehoggySeptember 3, 2012

We are trying to decide if we should go with a counterdepth fridge or not. Our cabinets (including countertop) will come out to 25 1/2". The regular size fridge will come out to 33 1/8" (including door but not handle) and the counter depth is 28 1/4" (including door but not handle). The door for both models is 5" so am I correct that both fridges would have to stick out 5" anyways due to the door? and if this is so that the regular fridge would only stick out 3" more than the counterdepth fridge?


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I know our old fridge stuck out and looked like crap because our kitchen is so small, it looked like the Big Black Monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey. I felt like I had to bow and leave an offering to it.
Having said that, while the new fridge does look WAY better it does suffer from some lack of space and especially drawer depth.

When we move from here, hopefully soon our new house will have a larger kitchen if I can at all help it and thus will have a normal size fridge.

We got a 24cu.ft Kenmore Elite which is the Samsung.
It is a very nice fridge, its quiet, well made, has a great water/ice dispenser, nice lighting, all in all a nice fridge. BUT ALL CD fridges suffer a bit because of the depth, which if you do not require much space may not any detractor at all.

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You have to go look at the doors and how they swing. Some will let you put them flush to the cabinets. Others have to be beyond the cabinet front in order to swing.

You also need to check to see how far the door has to swing in order to get the drawers out.

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