Does your Miele dishwasher really dry your dishes?

holycityrehabSeptember 18, 2013

We are trying to pick a dishwasher and have read all the reviews and feel like Miele seems to be the top pick. My only concern is that I really want all of my dishes to be dry--does the auto open feature on the Miele work? If you have this on your Miele are your dishes dry? Or should I pick a different brand with a heating element?

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I have one of the ones that open the door to accelerate drying. My model is La Perla II which was the top model in the older line. In the current models, Diamond and dimension plus both have the auto open feature. The DW is incredible? I thought my DH will never stop scrubbing and rinsing dishes before loading the DW. Finally he trusts a DW enough to scrape and load. Even oatmeal cooking pots and bowls with dried cereal and oily tomato pasta sauces with baked cheese. Just brilliant.

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Simple answer, Yes, don't hesitate to get this DW.

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Does my Miele dishwasher really dry my dishes?


My new Dimension Plus (edited to add that this model does pop open at the end of the cycle) does not dry all of my dishes completely every time like my crappy Kenmore did. I'm not happy about having to hand dry dishes or leave them laying cluttered on a towel next to the sink to finish drying. I even went through the manual and found how to adjust the settings to make the fan run longer at the end to help with drying. Things are definitely drier now, but not dry all the way. I'm really disappointed as after reading so many posts here saying that the heated dry feature wasn't necessary for drying I expected better results.

Edit: I use a rinse aid (Jet Dry) and Finish Powerball tabs, which have an additional rinse aid in them.

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I believe I have the Futura Diamond which has the option for Turbo Boost (higher fan circulation at end of cycle for ten minutes). Since I just started using it I have noticed that yes, the dishes are dryer, including glasses and cups with mild lips as well as the silverware. So now i regularly use that option. The door opens automatically to room air, so I let the DW set for a bit.

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I have a La Perla II

I use Miele Rinse Aid.

Yes, all my dishes get dry.

I don't have many plastics other than Tupperware.

There may be a droplet or two in the lip of the lids but that is about it.

When I have plastics in there or the DW is really full I use the extended drying option.

BTW A poster on here ,not too long ago, claimed the Dimension Plus has been discontinued and all the Dimensions have the auto open door option now. May want to confirm before buying.

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I have the Miele Diamond. Plastics don't get totally dry, but that was also the case with my previous DW that had the heating element.

I have tiny puddles in the concave bottoms of certain mugs, but again, I think this is unavoidable regardless of which DW you have, at least it has been for me.

The Miele dries at least as well, if not better, than any DW I've had. I'd highly recommend it, but be sure to get a 5-year warranty.

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I have the bottom of the line Miele because I didn't want fancy features that might break. I love the Miele. My dishes are perfectly dry. I don't have that dry option others mention. My dishes dry somehow!

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I purchased a Miele Dimension Plus floor model (I can confirm the Dimension Plus has been retired). It has the auto open feature. It dries my dishes and I am thrilled. Of course, I have to be cognizant not to place things where they will collect and hold water (i.e.: a large soup ladle placed upright). I also have it full of rinse aid and use the turbo.

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Hey Breezy, just what kind of dishes do you have ?

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Sometimes the final rinse temperature needs to be increased to aid with the drying. Very early on my dishes were soupy at the end. It has dried everything perfectly since the adjustment. Miele tech support can do it over the phone.

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larecoltante Z6b NoVa

I've had 2 Miele DW over the last ten years, one when I lived in Southern California and one that I bought when we moved to Virginia, and have never had trouble with wet dishes. Like other posters, I sometimes have a few water drops, but not enough to have to leave anything on a counter to dry. I did wonder when I moved east if the Miele wouldn't dry as well in a more humid climate, but it hasn't been a problem. I love Miele dishwashers.

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Ditto from my enf

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YES, YES, YES!! Do not hesitate to buy a Miele DW. There is no competition. Simply the best. Miele is the Rolls-Royce of appliances. We have 10 Miele appliances, and they are amazing!

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We have the diamond and it does an outstanding job. No issues with drying, even plastics.

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seems like breezy just bought the wrong kind of dishes.

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Our La Perla Miele dries everything except the plastic ridges that catch water and if not careful - I can dump on other dishes.
Ours does pop open but our older one also dried the dishes.
Hey Breezy - GW is looking for you on the Kitchen forum :-)

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Yes,it sure does dry my dishes, unless I pack them in at crazy angles. My 18" model is 11 years old and still going strong.

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