help..ready to disown puter

bulldinkieJune 15, 2012

I bought a new tower,son hooked it up,hasnt worked right since,Im gonna blow itup I swear..I know nothing about them so here lies the problem,Im past the stage of learning too much more lol..The black box with the 4 green lights?Mine is green,yellow,green,green.When I get on a website it will go to 3 even 2 lights then I cant do anything.I need help and please remember I know nothing about this...ty I have been without puter for like 2 months now.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am going to guess the black box you mention is either a router or a modern. Un plug the power from the back of it, if you have a second box that might be a router if the other is a modem, un plug the power from the back of it to, totally shut down the computer, let it be for 5 minutes or so, then plug the power back into the modem let it be so all the lights can get set, if you have a router go ahead and plug the power into the back of it, let those lights get set, then turn on the computer, boot it up and see if that helps. Usually it does help to do a power down, then power up in the proper sequence.

You really need to give us more information to go on here, which version of windows you have, are you using cable, dsl, dialup or what to connect to the Internet.

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Also tell us the make and model of the black box.

When your son set it all up at first were things working normally afterwards?

You wrote:- When I get on a website it will go to 3 even 2 lights then I cant do anything.
What does that mean exactly?
Did you arrive at the web site?
Did the computer freeze up at that point?

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yes black box is router,centurylink,660series,II have Hpcomputer.etc,
No things didnt work after towetr,Ill go to log on the 4 lights go to 3 then it like freezes,1=light says power its green,2-ethernet is yellow should be green,3-DsLgreen-4-internet,looking at it 2&4 are blinking.Windows 7 is what I have.I tried shutting it down like you said did not work.
on the router 4 lights Im on pogo playing 2 of the lights go out the game goes off.Then I cant do anything.

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I am also a Centurylink customer with a 660 modem and live in NC. My connection was iffy yesterday...freezing, etc and reboot didn't help. There was also a problem 2 weeks ago. They've always been very dependable. I live in NC and when I called their# yesterday found that NC customers "may no have no internet connection" and they were working on the problem. Did you call their support people? It could be them and not you. :)

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Yes my daughter sent them an email today,I got on here got to home forums,froze up got to here froze up damn...This is workin on my last nerve lol.Thanks for help ever1.

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