Mounting mirror to backsplash??

AlexlvrOctober 3, 2013

I am planning to mount an unframed mirror above my backsplash. The previous mirror was mounted above the previous tile backsplash using J-mold channel...and held up well for 25 years without any discoloration.

The current stone backsplash above the sinks will have a flat base of support for the mirror. The fixtures are polished nickel. I am being told that J-channels are not necessary and wouldn't look good with the polished nickel...that the mirror can be adhered to wall and can either sit on small polycarbonate pads on the far edges (that wouldn't show)...or a bead of silicone could be applied where mirror meets glass. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks!

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If it is going to sit directly on top of the backsplash then J-channel would not be necessary. They will just need to make certain it is supported while the mastic (glue) sets on the wall. Also do NOT let them use silicone at the joint as silicone is not compatible with the slivering on the back of the mirror and will destroy it.

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**dam duplicate posts**

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Thanks Millworkman :-)

I also have a separate makeup vanity that will be getting a new stone top. Its mirror is in a brass J channel which obviously won't go with the polished nickel new fixtures and will be removed. Given no backsplash you advise just gluing to wall and resting edge on the stone surface?Is there anything that is used to rest it on, since adhesive/silicone beading at the juncture isn't advised?
Just wondering...

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Millworkman..not sure what you mean by duplicate posts?

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Get a brushed nickel J-channel. For some reason the previous post I made showed up twice, hence a "dam duplicate post" that I edited out.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't seen the brushed nickel J-channel
(assuming you have :-)
That would probably look better than the only other The lights above the mirror will be polished nickel. you suggest clips on the top of that mirror?..The old mirror had the clear to remove the mirror from the wall entirely. Hardly noticeable. I notice that a lot of newer homes just glue the mirror to the drywall.

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Glue with the J-channel should be all that is needed.

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