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Another_RenovationSeptember 25, 2013


We just installed a new Faber range hood as well as a new 6 inch duct to match the 600 CFM output. The problem is - when it runs on a low speed, all is fine, low noise and etc. When it goes to medium speed, the noise is still low however, the hood starts vibrating. I can feel the vibration through the floor (we are in Canada, it is all wood and drywall here). When it goes to High speed, still very little noise, vibration is still there but it is a much much lower. Full 600 CFM produces even lower vibration.

I am going to ask my contractor to look again, but I am not sure at this point if this is the installation or the unit itself. I Googled the problem and found nothing.

Has anyone seen anything like that?

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I'll offer some suggestions to get this conversation rolling. Sometimes it helps attract interest to get a few responses listed under your topic.

I don't know about Faber hoods, but I have seen a couple of things "like that."

Once in a while, I experience something like you describe but it only happens when I'm also running the oven convection fan while we have strong, gusty winds from one specific direction that creates a vortex between my house and my neighbors' and seems to push against and affect the exterior vent-cap and impede the exhaust. We rarely get that kind of wind and your description doesn't mention any environmental factors, so this info is probably of no help to you. But it does suggest that you check to be sure that the exterior venting is working properly, if that already has not been done.

Next thing I would want to figure out is if you have an installation problem or if the problem might be a defective hood or if it might be a combination of the two.

if you feel the vibration when you put you hand on your hood while it is running, you want to find out if other Faber hoods do that. Have you called Faber to find out if their hoods vibrate? I don't know if the fan mounting in the hood is a bit loose or if it is supposed to have vibration dampers (and maybe they got left off), but that is worth checking. Also, Is there a store near you with one of these hoods installed? If so, run the hood in the store and put your hand on it. If you do not feel the same vibration, then you may have a defective or loose unit or maybe a bad bearing on the fan shaft.

You mention asking your contractor to recheck this. Are we talking about a newly built house or just a kitchen remodel or maybe just somebody hired install the hood? I ask because you say "it is all wood and drywall here." If it is an older house and the vent hangs on an interior wall, the stud bays may be empty. Empty stud-bays can act like a drum ("resonance chamber") which amplifies the vibrations from the hood. If your hood is cabinet-hung, then the cabinets could be combining with the walls to produce that, as well.

Your contractor could try some vibration damping material between the cabinets and the hood if you have a cabinet hung hood. If it is a wall hung hood, you might try remounting the hood to a 3/4" piece of plywood (which would require some futzing to get your ducting to line up correctly.) The plywood would help deaden some of the vibration.

Another thing to check is the ducting itself. Were the joints and seams taped so they don't leak? If not, they could be vibrating. Is the ducting buried in a wall where you can't get at it easily?

There also may be baffle ("flapper") at the top of the hood. Where I live in Montana, we want to keep cold air from backflowing through the ducting into the house, so hoods generally have "flappers" at both the hood and at the outside wall. I've seen one instance where a loosely mounted "flapper" vibrated pretty badly, although those vibrations didn't transmit to the floor.

With these comments, hopefully somebody more knowledgeable will jump in with better advice.

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Many objects have a resonance frequency (or more than one) and when excited by something vibrating at that frequency will amplify the vibration. Besides all the good advice above, it is possible that your fan blades are unbalanced and at some fan speed the unbalance frequency excites the hood or other structures that will resonate at that frequency. Solution is to better balance the blades, and to stick damping material onto whatever is vibrating "in tune with" the fan blades. (It could also be the fan motor shaft and rotor, but the blades would be first in line as usual suspects.)


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I have the exact same problem!!!

The hood was installed yesterday and the vibration is very strong on speed 2, then it gets better on speed 3. Vibration is coming from the unit itself and not from the wall behind it.

I also cannot open the filters to see the inside. Do you have this problem too?

I really hope it is a defective unit and not just the design problem with this model. I'm going to contact Faber and see what they say.

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Just to let you know - I've just called Faber.
They said they were not aware of this problem but gave me a service company number 1-800-561-7265.

I will ask my contractor to check the mounts and brackets and then call service if this doesn't help.

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