Washer and dryer- features?

hedgehoggySeptember 5, 2012

I am currently looking at washer and dryers as I will need new ones for our new house. It has been 7 years since I have bought any and I am sure they have changed over those years. I am wondering which features you love/recommend in washers and dryers? Also wondering what the steam options are for and if you have and like the steam option?


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I love both of the machines I currently have, they are Whirlpool (I know some people absolutely hate that brand but I like them). The dryer is about 5 years old, as I bought them off Craigslist when I needed my own machines fast and cheap, but it still works great. The dryer has a door that folds out down instead of to the side. I know this feature seems meaningless but it really helps keep the clothes from falling out onto the floor while I unload. My washer, which is new (because the Maytag I bought off of craigslist was a piece of junk and the motor burnt out) is also a Whirlpool, top load model with a 4.7 cu. ft. capacity and no agitator. Some people say that they don't like not having an agitator because they claim their clothes don't get as clean, but mine come out just fine. And without the agitator I have so much more room. It allowed me to be able to wash my over-sized, over-stuffed queen comforter without having to buy a commercial sized washer. I've heard some people complain that they hate the front load washers they've bought, but I've never had any experience with them personally.

I know this isn't much, but It's just a few tiny features that made my life easier. Good luck!

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Oh, and also, my washer has load-size recognition so I don't have to set the water level. After I push start the lid locks and it automatically senses how big the load is and adjusts the water level accordingly. It also does a few test spins and lets me know if the load is unbalanced before it runs a full cycle.

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try the laundry forum.

machines have not changed that much in 7 years except that the temperatures have gotten lower and it is hard to get a true hot wash.

I personally wouldn't pay for steam. But its use seems to be to 'fluff' wrinkled cloths.

CR has said to not pay for features that you won't use. I ended up doing that in order to get an internal heater. I still use one general mode (permanent press) for washing since it uses the most water. I dry on medium.

Sensor drying is a must.

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I answered on your post on the Laundry Room forum...

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