Vanity size for a tiny power room?

jjnvOctober 9, 2012

I'd like to redo our tiny powder room. It is 31" deep and 8 ft wide with the door in the middle of the long wall. A standard 30" vanity cabinet on the right and toilet on the left. The standard 30" cabinet fit very awkwardly since the wall is just a bit wider. I would like to replace it with a vanity not attached to the wall. Should I go with 20", 24" 26" or 30"?

Suggestions, especially pictures would be greatly appreciated.



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Is this a powder room primarily for guests? For quick pit stops when the family is in the kitchen or living room? Or is it used as an extra bathroom where someone brushes their teeth, shaves, does makeup, etc.?

If it's truly just a loo with a handwashing sink, why have a traditional vanity at all? A pedestal sink, vessel stand, or wall-hung vanity would look elegant and less cramped.

What do you really need to store in there? Spare hand towels and a couple of rolls of TP can go on a single shelf. More stuff = more mess, and do you want your guests peeking into cluttered drawers? For the same reason, I'd go with a beautiful mirror rather than a medicine chest.

The one thing that often seems to be overlooked in a guest bath / powder room is the trash can - it's awkward when you're the guest and you need it and can't find it. A narrower vanity or pedestal sink will give you space for the trash - and even a little magazine rack :-)

As for size - having struggled with a tight bathroom renovation - there are a lot more 24" vanities out there than Good luck, and keep us posted!

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Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for the suggestions. Our powder room is used by guests and us when we are downstairs. Even though no one used it for brushing, washing or making up and etc, it still gets used quite a bit. I'd love a vessel sink but my husband does not want it. He said many hotels he stayed had them and did not keep the bottom of the sink clean. They probably don't think anyone would look there :-)

I found many good looking vanity sets at But I have not found the one yet. I think I probably should start at 24".

I wish I can see them before ordering.



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Is'm linking our Powder Room. It is roughly 4 x 6. Our vanity cabinet is 24" wide but the face opens as a drawer to contain small items and extra TP. then a shelf below holds additional towels. We do have a vessel sink but have never experienced an issue with cleaning the bottom - the unbrella cap screws off.

The cabinet and vessel replace the original pedestal basin and have made everything much more functional.

Here is a link that might be useful: Powder Room

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Thanks, fnmroberts! Your powder room looks great. Where did you get your vanity cabinet from?


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Jane - We bought it at The Great Indoors which I believe no longer exists. Was owned by Sears though so maybe could be found there. We updated ours several years ago so haven't been looking recently.

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