Framing- Tray ceiling off..

lniaAugust 5, 2012


The rough carpenter has framed the tray ceiling. It is off by one inch as we measure from one end to another. I.e. center point is 84 inches across the room and when we measure at another spot, it may be 85 inches. Carpenter is saying that there is a certain tolerance and that drywall will course correct this unevenness. Has anyone else heard something different? I certainly don't want a crooked tray ceiling in the end.


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The tray ceiling in our dining room was off by a an inch or two, too. We didn't notice, but our builder did, and he made the framers re-do it.

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Annie Deighnaugh

the sheet rock is only going to get added to the framing...the framing has to be right...have him redo.

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^ exactly!

If its uneven before drywall goes up, its going to be uneven when drywall is applied. Have them reframe it before drywall goes up!

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