fail to download dell driver etc. updates

chas045June 2, 2011

I have an old used Dell inspiron 8200 laptop 1gb ram now, that probably needs some updates although it was working fine but while attempting to load and run Creator 2011, it was suggested that it needed new drivers. The Dell site actually suggested a ton of them. I can't seam to get dell to download multiple drivers perhaps because the Dell driver manager program doesn't seem to download or already be downloaded, but even single attempts at downloading won't download and neither will multiple downloads. Single attempts give message that 'can't connect' (while i am connected to tell me that) and multiple driver downloads won't download probably because the dell manager isn't downloaded. How am I supposed to get out of this loop. and yes I already suspect that Creator is a big pile, but I'll bet I need some of these upgrades if I try Nero.

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Got it corrected. I had to delete the cashe on explorer/tools. I had already done that before but i had to be careful to then ask for one download and then immediately select use own browser. After that i could download one driver at a time.

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