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karynJune 18, 2014

I'd like to search to find all threads started by a particular username - or all posts by a user.

Obviously one can use "search" above - but if it's a person's name - a thousand other people with the same name come up too and it's too much to wade through.

MOST forums have a way to click on the username and then "see all threads/posts" by the user - but not this one. Any idea how this is done?

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go to google and enter the user's name in quotes with the following exact text, to look like this:


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The search function at the bottom of the page works much better than the one at the top.

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Maybe I am not understanding you. I searched by users name a couple of days ago, but I just clicked on search to be sure and it goes away and it can't be used. Something has changed.

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Snidely & sushi - Thanks! Of course I was using the search at the top - you're right, for whatever reason the one on the bottom is much better

Google search works better on THS than the entire however. For instance - it shows the same results as the top search box -


If "insert-name-here" is a common word, the result shows every instance of that word - where I was hoping to find just one user's posts only - or limit it to the name of the thread starter or something.

Regardless, this is at least an improvement now - so thanks!

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Try searching for the whole name header to the posts,

User Name: lazygardens

Instead of just the name, if it's returning too many results for a common user name.

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And with Google you may be able to eliminate things you don't want by putting a minus sign in front of it.

Search operators

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