GE Profile wall oven fan noise/ poss. solution??

ccoombs1September 2, 2008

I have already purchased (but not installed) a GE profile wall convection oven. I have been reading some things about how noisy it is during cool-down. I am not thrilled about this news, but want to make the best of it. What I am wondering, would venting the oven cabinet at the top help? There is no soffit above the cabinet, and it would be very easy to cut in a 2" x 10" vent, possibly even put a small fan in there to draw out the excess heat. Would this help cool the oven down quicker?


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Yes, it will help....slightly. Not enough to be worth the effort, IMHO. The noise isn't that bad. Minor annoyance if you choose to concentrate on it.

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I've had GE Profile double ovens for almost 2 yrs. They are more than a minor annoyance to me. I have an open floor plan, so listening to the fan run for up to an hour (with the door closed) is bothersome. I've learned to leave the oven door open after I turn it off to speed up the cool down. Still it takes 15-20 minutes. And with the door open, the fan is louder. If your kitchen is seperate from your living space then maybe it won't be an issue.

Recently I was in a test kitchen for Wolf and their chef demonstrated cooking pizza and cookies in their convection oven. It was so quiet! Of course, those ovens are probably twice as $$ too.

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unfortunatly, my living space is open too, although the oven is at the far end of the kitchen. I wish I had read about the noisy fan before chosing this oven, but I'll just live with it. I guess I won't bother modifying the cabinet yet...I can always do that later if the fan bugs me too much. thanks for the info!

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I just bought a Jenn Air built in oven/ micro combination.
The fan is so lound when it is heating and cooling down, that I am returning it.

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I've had a GE Profile convection electric wall oven for about a month now and you can not hear the fan running. When I first used the oven I thought the fan was broken and not running because I couldn't hear it. I had to open the door to see the fan turning.

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Hmmm...looks like some of these ovens are noisy, and others are not. I can only hope that the one I got is a quiet one. I'll know soon enough I guess!

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I have the GE Profile 30" DO w/Trivection (JT980SKSS) and have not noticed any problems with noise or the length of time the fans run (there are actually 2 fans I think since one shuts off after 4 or 5 minutes and the other runs for another 10 minutes or so).

If I crack the door (like when you broil), all fans are off within 15 minutes. If the door is left closed, they're off in less than 30 minutes.

As to noise, yes, I hear some fan noise, but unless I focus on it, it's not noticeable...definitely not an impediment to conversation, etc. Our Kitchen is open to the DR, near the 4' doorway to the FR, and directly across from the doorway to the Foyer...and the fan noise as never been an issue...and I use the upper oven a lot (that's the Trivection one).

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Update.....I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I used my oven in convection mode most of the sunday before christmas to make cookies (many, many and it was SO quiet!! It bakes 3 racks of cookies at a time very evenly. I love this oven!! I guess I worried for nothing. this is a wonderful oven. christmas day, I had a turkey breast and a ham on an upper rack and also had stuffing and mac & cheese on a lower rack. Again, everything cooked very evenly. I highly recommend this oven.

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For every person who writes to complain about some problem with their appliance there are probably several thousand who have perfectly functioning appliances and say nothing about how good they are. You,like myself, are not one of the "lucky ones" but in the majority of people who have no problems.

This is a great oven isn't it. It is so nice to be able to use 2-3 racks at once and not have to turn the food front to back or switch things from one shelf to another to ensure they all are cooked evenly.

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You're so right....the vast majority of happy customers say nothing. It's the few unhappy customers that are the most vocal (and rightly so) and those are the ones that potential new customers hear about. So let me say it....I am a HAPPY customer!! This is a great oven. So far, I am thrilled with all of my appliance choices. And is wonderful to be able to fill that oven up and have everything cook evenly! I am sold on convection.

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