Enduring the Grinding Halt

CEFreemanJune 13, 2014

Hi all.
I'm having trouble with several different browsers, which indicates to me that I've got bigger trouble with my system than just a browser.

I'm running the God-awful W7 Pro, SP1.
My preferred browser is IE 11, 11.0.8.

I find if I have too many tabs open, my entire system freezes. It will take several minutes for things to release, then it bounces back and forth applying any keystrokes I've slammed in the meanwhile. But trying to change tabs brings it to a halt again. I constantly receive xxxx site is not responding. B.S. I have yet to determine what "too many tabs" is. I find I need to resort to a very dated solution to free my system, which is to reboot the darned thing.

I'm using a script to reregister .dlls. It's set up in my Startup folder, so it runs before I start any browsers.

Does anyone have a solution for this? I'm doing some knowledge base searches and blogs that deal with system issues. Other than running one tab at a time, which would then bring my work to a grinding halt, any ideas for solutions?


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You did not say how much memory you had. Lockups, slow downs, and stutters is commom when the RAM fills up. You should have at minimum 2 Gigabytes.

You could have a poor piece of software that is a 'memory eater'. About 3 systems ago, I had a HP printer whose driver failed to 'give back' memory after it was done with it. As a result, my memory slowly 'leaked' away after each print job.

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Ditto to the RAM advisory. Also, you may have unnecessary applications running in the background eroding your resources.


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You might consider running the free BelarcAdvisor to see what memory you have and to determine if you have a 32 or 64 bit machine. If 64 bit then you can add more and hopefully remove the nuisance.

I agree with Jem and DA on the memory or lack thereof being the issue.

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What may be happening is that the sites you are trying to open are loaded with scripts and other crud that make them slow to load and they aren't releasing control until they do load.

Can you get an ad-blocker, script blocker and set the browser to not load images and to NOT preload pages? Also remove any widgets that constantly update themselves, like weather monitors.

I'm using a script to reregister .dlls. It's set up in my Startup folder, so it runs before I start any browsers. Why? What is this doing for you?

Find out how to see the "processes" that are running. Check them right after startup ... make sure you aren't running wierd stuff.

(copy the list and post it here)

Then check them with a freshly launched browser and blank window.


You also might have been hijacked ... run the best and newest virus checker you can get.

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