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sfhillJune 20, 2013

Hi, All of a sudden my favorites in Internet Explorer started to place themselves in alphabetical order. I have always been able to position each one where I want them to be and they would stay this way.Now they automatically reposition back in alphabetical order. Does anybody know how I can change this. Thanks

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If you can't find a fix, rename them starting with a capital A in front of the name you want at the top. In my documents, I put two capital A's in front of 6 folders I want at the top of the list. AA Music, AA Photos, AA Books, AA Movies etc. That way I don't have to go through a long list for the one I want.

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After many years of using Internet Explorer, I switched to Firefox, In my experience, it is faster and more user friendly, and it has more flexibility in handling bookmarks. It's very easy to put bookmarks where you want them, and they stay that way. Another nice thing about Firefox is that, despite the fact that it has more useful features than IE, it is very user friendly. There's almost no learning curve. Once you install Firefox, you simply import all of your existing bookmarks from IE in one easy step, and then you can organize them as you want.

Here is a link that might be useful: Firefox

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The attraction of IE alternatives, especially 5 years ago and more, stemmed more from how clunky IE was rather than the superiority of the others. Firefox/Netscape/Opera were ok and worked fine, IE was awful. The decision for what best to use was easy, though much of Corporate America stuck to IE for employees' internal use.

Today, I think IE has done a lot of catching up. I find it pretty decent and comparable to the others though I don't use it as my default browser.

OP, there are a half dozen or more solid browsers to choose from, all have there own peculiarities, problems and features and all are free. There's no need to persist with something that isn't working for you.

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I handle alphabetizing of list similar to the way EmmaR describes above.

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