Jenn Air pro line experiences?

slater333September 27, 2012

Hello All

Much like everyone I've been hounded by the used car salespersons pushing Jenn air really hard. That aside, I really love the look of the professional gas range Pro-Style JGRP430WP 30" For its style, but can anyone offer an opinion on function/performance? I'm looking to couple it with a Jenn air fridge JFX2597AEP (any opinions on this also welcomed)

My other option at this point is the Electrolux icon series.

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I have had the Jenn aire 30" pro range installed since March. I like it.....Love the stovetop and burners, as far the oven for cooking--it's good, best I've ever had. It cooks and bakes evenly. There is a learning curve with all ranges to know their ins and outs, I think I'm still learning--I haven't used the oven much since it was summer. The icon 30" pro range was my other choice too, but I liked the look of the Jenn Aire.

I have the 72" counter depth Jenn Aire pro fridge too--love it. No complaints so far!

good luck!

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Thank you so much for your input here! Sounds like we are in the same boat with the both appliances. Did you get the side by side or french door fridge? Also, did you match the microwave as well with the set? curious to see if you chose the convection microwave and some thoughts?

thank you again, extremely helpful.

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We did the side by side. I was not too sure I wanted the french door. Plus, I loved the extra height of the maybe only available in side by side. Electrolux refrigerators didn't get good reviews, so while lovely, I was skeptical of purchasing. Jenn aire fridge is a dressed up KA--which I'd had before and been happy with.

I didn't want to spend much on a microwave, I did the GE convection, it was $300 less than the Jenn aire

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Thanks so much Christine! Hopefully our local shops have the 72" side by side. Want to get a look!

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Jenn Air JGRP430WP

We've had ours installed and running about 2 weeks now. Having had no problem with initial setup and function, along with using all 4 burners and the oven a few times - I can say without a doubt this is one excelllent stove. The construction is quite good and I particularily like the fact that even at 500F the top grates are still cool to the touch. The oven preheats in @ 12 minutes to 450F. I certainly rate this overall above our previous Viking Pro.

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Keep in mind that these pro-style ranges vary in width. I had to rule out the Jennair when I discovered it was 30 inches wide instead of 29 7/8.

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Bump! How is everyone liking their JA pro style? I am about to splurge and buy my entire kitchen JA. Nervous about all the negative reviews!

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I am looking into getting:
JGRP430WP Gas Range + dishwasher
JMD2124WS Under counter microwave
JFC2290VEM Fridge
JUW248LYRP Wine Cellar

Any input is appreciated!

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Take the time to read the post about Jenn-air in the Kitchens forum.


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@gary, I have taken the time. I guess was looking for some signs of reassurance, or maybe some more recent updates from some of the more recent purchases. Excuse me, I'm new here.

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No problem, JessicaBee, I had asked that poster to post that here in the Appliance forum too, but like you, He is new too and he just double posted in the kitchen forum.

Most of us here in Garden Web do NOT recommend buying "appliance suites" (appliances all from the same manufacturer).

None of us, to the best of my knowledge, know of any one particular manufacturer that excells with every appliance they make.

Kitchenaid and Jenn-air do very well with Fridges, and in fact I bought a 48" Jenn-air, paneled and built in, back in 2006, (before Whirlpool bought Jenn-air) and we love that Fridge and it has never needed a service call and still looks as new,and had a lot more features than did the SZ back in 2006. The JA was and has been one of the highest rated fridges by respondents to CR surveys, CR's readers, Not CR's take on it , as some folks here, don't care for CR ratings.Ovens are another matter by KA, especially those built a few years ago,
(problems with Self Clean).

Many folks are happy with the KA DW's, I've had 2 or 3 and all were great.

I bought a Miele this time, (2006) because at that time, it was the only one with the cutlery tray, and We Luv Luv Luv that thing! But Again if you are thinking about a Miele Oven, It's a "Crapshoot" at best, (temp problems).

You kinda get the idea of what I'm saying?

Anyway, all of us here are here to help you in making the best decision possible as far as appliances go, both in performance and reliability, (to the best of our abilities).


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dodge59 I just wanted to say I find all your posts informative, helpful(whether about a positive or negative experience)and respectful of other posters. Thank you for that.

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@Gary thanks so much for your reply. At least I know my fridge will be good!!!! I ended up biting the bullet and buying the Jenn Air suite. I might regret it later. I didn't have much time to research all the different brands and what they do best but I will know better for next time. I'll will also do my best to keep those updated that want to know how these items are operating

I got a little frustrated with my price range, all anyone wanted to show me anywhere was KA. The Jenn Air package with the free dishwasher made it more it more affordable and comparable to the KA. I just prefer the look of the JA prostyle to the KA. I also needed a undercounter drawrer microwave and we preferred the look of JA to the Sharp. I heard Sharp makes all of them anyways. From the sounds of it, the biggest gamble here is the oven so maybe of out all the items I should get the extended warranty? Should I get extended warranty on all of them? Or none at all and just pay to get whatever fixed as needed?

WIsh me luck.

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Probably right now you need a "Breather", not more work?

But eventually you should check into what company would be doing your "after market warranty", the last thing you want to do is get locked into a bad one, so you have plenty of time to do some research there, Friends with after market contracts, referrals, reviews etc etc.

Good luck with them all, I hope they treat You (The appliances) as well as our JA Fridge has us.

Now I did not take my own advice when I took out after market warranty on my Elux Induction Unit. I bought it at Pacific Sales at the same time I bought the cooktop, but it was only $77 and for 5 years, so How could I Lose??????

Well I am loosing, after 3 years or so the induction unit still works perfectly and no service calls-----Well, I guess I don't mind loosing that way, Ya Thinks?


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True! We bought the extended warranty for all of them through pacific sales during our purchase at the same time. He said we have a few days to cancel it. We are contemplating rolling the dice and doing just that. I can imagine the same thing...We buy it, and nothing goes wrong (not a bad thing really?) or not buying it and regretting not having one if we get a lemon. I didn't know you can get outside warranty elsewhere. I'll have to search around on here! Thanks again!

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Thanks for the kind words, EATREALFOOD, but I'm sure your much more the "Diplomat" than, "Am I"

I think I'm just mellowing with age, just ask some of those
"Great Arm Miele Oven Women" here, LOL

Thanks again


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Jessicabee. How have the range and ovens performed. I'm a week from my appliance decision and JA is in the lead

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JessicaBee how have the ovens performed?

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Jessicabee. How have the range and ovens performed. I'm a week from my appliance decision and JA is in the lead

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First of all the line is beautiful! Am happy with everything so far but I've only had my appliances installed 2 wks. I made a frozen pizza in the oven the other day and I don't feel like it cooked evenly to perfection but neither did my last oven which was a GE monogram that also took forever to preheat, not the case with the Jen Air. tAnyways it was the first time so I need to give it another chance. The dishwasher is super quiet.

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