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LesliePJune 5, 2012

My husband's old computer is about done. He likes to play Call of Duty games, the older ones. He has a tower and does not want a laptop. He only uses the computer for games, no internet. I remember buying a graphic card so he could use the game, but I can't remember what kind. He loves those games, so I would like to replace it for him. I am lost as what to even look for, so any help is very much appreciated! We just need a new tower.

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You may have a problem with those games playing on a new computer. I checked one on (check this link) and it looks like it doesn't play on Windows Vista or Windows 7. It might mean looking for a computer with Windows xp which may be hard to find.

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He has window xp pro now.

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The big difference between your mainstream desktop and one used for a gaming is a discrete video card. While you can sometimes add a video card to mainstream computers, most don't have a large enough power supply. Which means you need to replace the power supply.

You might be better off building a computer. A decent gaming machine starts at about $700 but you could probably get away with a bit less of a machine because you're looking to play older machines. If the operating system is an issue, dual boot between XP and whatever else you'd like to use.

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