Seeking suggestions for toilet roll holder

la_koalaOctober 23, 2011


I'd love some input on this. I'm having trouble getting a Google search to have results that match what I'm looking for, and I am stumped on how to narrow in on finding one. I'll take any and all suggestions, as they'll give me a place to start looking!

We're remodeling a small bathroom, and I want a toilet roll holder that isn't too wide and doesn't take up more space than it needs to for the paper roll. Some in the stores are on the order of 8 or 9 inches, which is so much longer than the tissue roll itself. Or else the holder is very pricey (why "shorter" = pricier is beyond me!)

My "specs":

- Not much longer than the paper roll needs to be (about 6 inches)

- Cost less than $70

- Rounded edges

- Double post (what the DH wants)

Any suggestions?



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Not familiar with double post - what do you mean? Holds two rolls? Horizontally or one above the other? Or does that mean something more along the lines that the post isn't spring loaded?

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How about this very inexpensive ($13.94) t.p.holder from Amazon?
We got one for our small bathroom and are very happy with it. It's mounted on the underside of our floating butcherblock vanity next to our toilet. But you could mount it verticaly on a wall to save space. Another possibility, depending on the layout of your bathroom, might be this cute & different "paper pot" ($39)-
We have one that we use for kleenex & like it much better than the cardboard box the tissue comes in.

Good luck!

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Hi olychick, yes, more along the lines that it's not spring-loaded. I only want it to hold one roll.

As far as I know, "double post" means the typical set up where the roll spindle ends meet a "post". :-) And the spindle is spring-loaded so you can insert it between the two ends. (As different from where one end is open, where you slip the tissue roll onto the bar. ) I use the term because one of the web sites used it to do filtering.

Hi patti1954, thanks for weighing in! I think that one is nice looking. I think my DH might veto it though, because of the open end. (I think he has visions of the roll jumping off the spindle and then not wanting to use it after it's hit the floor. He is very fastidious--even more than me!)

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