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AnalipsiAugust 29, 2012

Good Morning Gardenwebbers,

I have been referred to this site now from a couple of folks. You have quite a reputation!

We are looking to build. We are empty nesters in mid 60's with 4 grandchildren, and more to come (hopefully)!

We have found a few plans we like but inevitably there is something that keeps us from saying it is the ONE without major changes. Most of the plans we have found has the kitchen towards the interior of the house (with nook on wall with window). We would prefer the opposite. Windows in the actual kitchen.

I thought I would ask on this site in case anyone has come across a plan that has the following or even perhaps a good site with ranches.

Below is our wish list:

Ranch plan in the ~2500 square feet range.

Dining Room in the 15-16 foot length range

3 bedrooms


Kitchen (exterior wall)

Laundry Room/Mudroom

3 bathrooms (including Master bathroom)

Thank you.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We're close with our plan, though probably not what you want. We built into a southern facing slope so the lower level is completely finished with a guest room and bath downstairs, along with the exercise room, craft room and a lower level garage and workshop. Upstairs is 2 bedrooms and another bath and a powder room. We have the breakfast nook in the same space as the kitchen and family room but the kitchen touches an exterior wall with a window over the sink. We have a combo mud room/laundry room and a study for DH. Our DR is shorter than yours though but is open to the living room library. Above the main level is only attic space. So it really is a 2 BR ranch with a finished basement.

But our house doesn't look like a ranch. We spent about 7 years working on the design with our architect.


Dining room from library

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Hi analispi. I am 'new' also. I've looked through tons and tons of ranch plans myself but more in the 2000 sq foot range and I concur. The kitchen is in the middle more often than not and I don't prefer that either. We are now starting to look at 1.5 story plans to have more light in the public areas. At any rate - this is only a 2 1/2 bath but I think it hits your other main points. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ranch House Plan

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My brother and SIL built this house a couple years ago. It lives really well, but might be too big for you (though it is 2576 sq ft)...
They also have a plan where the family room on this plan is a 3rd car garage.

Here is a link that might be useful: plan 2576

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I would recommend you go to Put in your search critia and click 'plan view mode'. This website is setup well to quickly look at houseplans to see what you like and don't like because it gives a small image of the floorplan. If you hover over a link with your mouse, ie: 1st Floor Plan it shows a larger view.

Upon a quick search, I found several plans that have the kitchen on an exterior wall and seem to fit your criteria. Also, you might try searching for 4 Bedroom plan - you could always change a bedroom door location, add french doors and voila you have a study.

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Hello All,

Thank you for the website references. I will definitely take some time to review.

Here is one plan that was shared with us today that we are considering. It has most of what we are looking for. Not sure If we like the little hallway to the master but not sure how this could be minimized without making the great room wall smaller. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Well, you could effectively shorten the hallway by moving the door to the master mid-way down the hall. It doesn't physically shorten it, but it will feel shorter. Also, it would allow the door swing of the master to be in the hallway instead of in the room.

I think I would want a larger mudroom/drop zone area. But, with just the 2 of you, perhaps this is enough?

and, it appears you will probably want to have a foyer closet area (there really isn't a lot of closet area anywhere in this plan outside of the bedrooms).

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Annie Deighnaugh

I wouldn't want the DR so far from the kitchen, and I'd move the closet in BR3 to the bath wall for sound insulation. I'd be unhappy with a MBR without cross ventilation. And this plan has 2 1/2 baths, not the 3 you originally wanted. I'd want a bigger coat closet near the garage and wouldn't want the foyer closet so far from the front door.

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Thank you, All.

Agree with the feedback on foyer closet being too far. We were considering adding 2 tiny closets on each side of the door or eating into a room (den). Are there any other good options without adding sq footage?

Yes, the closet from the garage needs to be bigger. This will be done by enlarging the kitchen by 1 foot and as a result the entire kitchen area by this same amount.

Thanks for the hallway idea KH.

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Another comment, specific to the kitchen.
This kitchen will need a prep sink in the island...otherwise you will constantly be having to go *around* the island to get from sink to fridge (something that will only be exacerbated if you add another foot of length to the house)/kitchen).

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