Silicone corners before or after sealing grout?

alan_s_thefirstOctober 24, 2012

I have a number of corners and edges of my tiled bathroom I'm going to silicone...grout is white, and I plan to seal it, hopefully today. It just occurred to me to check in which order I should do the sealing and caulking. I suspect sealing first (the silicone will have lots to key to anyway) but I wanted to check first.

Thanks, in anticipation.

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Doesn't make too much difference, IMHO. I would let the grout cure for a couple of days, caulk the corners, (any "change of plane") let it dry and apply the sealer.

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Well, that's good (it doesn't make any difference) - I went ahead and sealed it first. The changes of plane I'll caulk in a a few days.

I've got to paint the ceiling and non-tiled walls first of course.

This has been a very drawn-out project, it's exciting to have it this close to completion.

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