Questions about viewing video from my Sony camera

daisyingaJune 16, 2014

I recently bought a Sony camera (DSC HX300). I have 30 days to return it if I don't like it.

Today we filmed our first video clip and it looks like we have to have the Sony Play Memories Home software to look at the video. I didn't want a camera that required special software from Sony to view movies. I wanted to be able to use windows media player or something like that.

My other cameras have been older Canon cameras, and I could play the videos just fine with no special software.

Is there a way to view the Sony videos using a generic media player?

If anyone can help, I would very much appreciate it.

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Daisy, can't help with what you need but, I had a canon that quit working for me and I loved that camera. I bought and returned 3 new cameras because they did not come close to what I had with old canon. While searching I stumbled on a canon camera repair. I filled in the information and the response was that it could be repaired at the cost of $79 and I pay the postage. If they could not fix it they would replace it with a camera like it. I sent it off and ended up being no charge at all, it was such a minor problem. Now I have my favorite camera and clear pictures. So if you liked your old canon's you might check that out.

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Windows media player 12 should be able to play the video (MP4), found on windows 7 and windows 8.1

Your camera video format is:
File format (still/video)----> JPEG/AVCHD (MTS); MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (MP4)

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Thanks so much, zep516 and EmmaR. Unfortunately, I don't see a .jpeg, mts or mpeg format. I was looking for something with an extension like that, but couldn't find it. I looked again after I saw your answers and found a file in the STREAM folder named 00000 and the file type was AVCHD video. When I clicked that file, it played in Media Player just fine.

EmmaR, I loved my old Canon cameras. Unfortunately, I've misplaced my old one and needed a new one. The Sony was in my budget and had the type of viewfinder I like, so I got it. I'm so glad you were able to get yours fixed, and for such a reasonable price!

Thank you both for the help.

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I think it's interesting that you have such a strong preference to not use Sony's software. Personally I like it, it's an easy to use tool with a number of useful capabilities that people frequently want.

Windows Media Player is like the proverbial Swiss Army Knife. It's a Jack of Many Trades but a master of none. I avoid it altogether, relying instead on just a couple of more thoughtful programs that have a narrower focus and more capabilities and that are easier to use. The Sony program (which recently switched from one lame name to another), which I use for video, is one example.

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Never leave home without it...

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oldmobie Z6, SW MO

I did a quick google; your camera seems to record MPEG-4 / MP4.

Windoze, by default, does not show file extensions for known file types. I suspect that's why you aren't seeing them. This setting isn't hard to change (at least in older versions, I have no experience with windoze 8) but FINDING the setting is different in each version. You can google it if you like, or let me know your version of windoze if you'd like instructions.

Most media players should play this common file type, including windoze media player. I personally don't like that one, but to each his own. My go to media player for windoze is VLC. It's free.

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I don't know about this particular model, but Sony cameras tend to record in AVCHD format. Sony was one of the developers of the format (anyone remember Betamax?).

MP4 is not the same as AVCHD.

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daisyinga, doesn't your camera record to a removal media card? I have a Sony video Cam and it records to a card which I just take out of the camera and downloaded it directly via the card slot on my computer. Works just fine. One thing I did download was the Microsoft Movie Maker and it was easy to use so I could edit and stitch my video segments together. I highly recommend it.

Ms.Mary (Windows-7)

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