KitchenAid SS Dual Fuel Double Oven Freestanding Range reviews???

deanab4auSeptember 24, 2011

I'm updating my SMALL kitchen and of course on a budget. The KitchenAid SS Dual Fuel Double oven freestanding range offers everything my hubby and I want. Has anyone had any experience w/ this range? Reviews, anyone?

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Did you buy this? do you like it? that is the oven I want, also. Reading a lot of negative reviews here, but Consumer Reports give it a very good rating.

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Based on the Consumer Reports and some positive reviews I saw, we bit the bullet and bought one. It will be installed April 6th and I'm excited for it to be delivered! We did get a 2 year extended warranty. We normally don't do extended warranties, but thought it was a small price to pay for the increased peace of mind.

I will try to remember to post an update once it is installed.

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Well i went ahead and ordered mine too. I liked it, and I am excited. We'll get it next week. I guess I won't play in the kitchen when I put it on self clean - LOL. I think it will be exactly what I need. Hope you like yours.

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Good for you! You will have yours before I have mine...please post a review when you get it installed!

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Welcome to KitchenAid.

Here is a link that might be useful: 30 days or ?

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Mary and pk - how is the range working? I am purchasing 36 dual fuel KA and would like to know your experience.

Laat - sorry I don't trust that website at all....I love my Audi and it ranks about the same as KA. I'l stick with consumer reports thanks.

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Hi John,

After cooking on the range for 3 months now, I have to say that I LOVE IT!

I love the look of it and I love having a gas top and electric ovens. We use the smaller oven most of the time and it's quick to preheat. It's such a luxury to have 2 ovens.

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Are you guys still happy with the oven? We are ordering ours this month!

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I am also thinking of buying a 36" KA dual fuel with a Griddle. Good reviews on CR magazine but really bad reviews on Gardenweb but mostly from people that don't own one. It would be nice ot hear from the owners. Also what kind of cooking you do. I think that makes a big difference. Most of the bad reviews come from people that prefer the high heat of an open burner. Do you use a WOK on the range?

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I am going to purchase a Kitchen Aid 48" Dual Fuel Range. Can anyone give more feedback on this range. As some have mentioned in earlier reviews there were very negative comments especially about using the "self clean" feature. I also have concerns about the knobs getting very hot when the oven is on, the vents for the oven blow directly on them.

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