Subzero vs Miele 36" full fridge

HomeOnTheKnollsSeptember 22, 2013

We are finalizing our appliance selection and have selected the 36 inch built in all freezer and a 36 inch built in all frig from Subzero with no drawers.

I just heard that subzero is redesigning their fridge and its slowly getting released. I love to get the newly designed one but am told the 36 all fridge is not coming out till 2015 and they are not redesigning the 36 all freezer. I have no idea why they decide to do the fridge but not freezer. I really like the new design but can not wait until 2015 to get the refrigerator not to mention the freezer will be different.

Thus I have been looking into the Miele, and just getting that instead of the subzeros. Thoughts? As I am new to this, I would love to hear your experiences with them if you own one and the maintenance involved over time.

Thanks in advance!

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No idea about the new model but usually i am wary about buying a new model right off bat. Sub zeros are great fridges and I especially like the glas door model that some people on the kitchen forums have had. When we were shopping, we fell in love with and bought the Miele all fridge. LED lights are brilliant and the the drawers hold the temperature for fruits and veggies beautifully. The overall flexibility of the fridge is nice and we like the truly integrated look.

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Thanks GWlolo. I went to look at the Miele again, and I am just not in love with the interior as I am of the Subzero one. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Miele.

Are there any other fridges out there with similar interior layouts as the Subzero and quality?

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We installed the Sub Zero 36" all freezer and all refrigerator (501 F and 501 R) in 1987. At that time they were the only counter depth units available. The freezer is still going strong after 26 years but we did replace the refrigerator last year.

I'm not sure which model you're looking at but we went with the Sub Zero BI 36 R. We've been happy with their customer service that we didn't even bother to look at other manufacturers. We also paid a good bit less than the price on their web site which really helped.

There have been numerous posts here about noisy refrigerators. I'm amazed at how quiet this unit is - and it's on a ceramic floor in a large kitchen.

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