Anyone Have a Blomberg, Bosch or Whirlpool Dishwasher?

saphireSeptember 23, 2013

I have less than 33 inches of clearance. I need suggestions for dishwashers under 33" high and AJ Madison listed a Blomberg as being ADA compliant.. Usually the ADA ones work. We are replacing a less than 2 year old GE that has leaked into my basement 3 times and I cannot risk the damage again.

We have young kids and plastic stuff so nervous about buying something Europeon because of the lack of heat. I loved the 1995 Maytag I had before the GE. I always used heat to dry and never used rinse aid.

I am trying not to spend too much (under 900! Much less would be better.) The Blomberg, Summits and Whirlpools are reasonably priced. The Bosch SH 63 300 series is a more but I would consider it. Very worried about having a stinker.

We do about 2 or 3 loads a day (large family) during week although much less on weekends, where we will leave it for a day or two.


Thank you

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I have a whirlpool DW. I use it about every third day and sometimes once a day on the weekends when I have family over. I have no complaints...but do recommend the correct detergent. I use Finish Quantum and the dishes are sparkling clean.

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Thank you

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Would also consider a Frigidare.

Throughly confused. Bosch got rated well by CR, nervous about no heat there. Friend has a whirlpool and very happy with it, Frigidare is now made by Electrolux and people seem happier with it. To be honest, not in love with the look of either the Fri or Whirl models, have stainless with black but at this point I just need a dishwasher and am trying to convince myself I do not care what it looks like. This may be short term and we will redo kitchen within the year but probably will not happen so may be stuck with this. GE was beautiful but leaked!

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We had a Whirlpool in our old house - it worked well (though it was noisy) but eventually we replaced it with a more upscale stainless model to put the house on the market. Our new home has a Bosch. Consumer Reports basically said most dishwashers wash dishes well. What you pay for as you move to more expensive models & brands is quietness and extra features. I love the Bosch's 3rd flatware rack, but do miss having a dry cycle.

Frankly, I wouldn't obsess over the dishwasher...I'd get what meets your space and feature needs, looks good with the rest of your appliances, and is as quiet as you can afford.

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Thank you. We are a family of 8! so basically do at least 2 or 3 washes a day. The Bosch I would get is smaller so as to be ADA compliant (fixed counter, sunken dishwasher). It would not have a 3rd rack. It is just a little prettier than the Whirlpool and Fridge (still has front controls so not stunning).

Because we do so many loads I am nervous about not having a dry cycle. I do not want lots of wet plastic in my future, although I realize there are worse things. Quiet does not worry me as our kitchen is not used except for cooking, everything happens in the den which is not near the kitchen. I got what fit two years ago and ended up with a leaky GE lemon! So I am really worried about reliability. If I redo the kitchen (not holding my breath there), I will want a full size dishwasher so would replace this one anyway.

So the cheapest is the Fridge for 530, then whirlpool for 630 and the most expensive is the Bosch for 850-900, is it worth it?! Will I miss the heated dry?

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We wash a lot of plastic too and I prefer not having a heated dryer element. No risk or things falling in the bottom and melting.

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