Max size brick

floppyfishAugust 15, 2014

Hi everyone, I understand that using a Max sized brick is the most economical but I'm having problems locating manufactures. I have been looking at Hanson, as well as Brampton brick. Does anyone know of any other manufactures of brick? Or locations to check out besides Masons and Commonwealth brick?

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Max is a Canadian size so I would think you would want to look at Canadian companies.

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In our searches for brick (we live in Ontario, Canada) Brampton Brick and Hanson's were the only ones that had the max size that we found. Hanson had one or two Canadian lines which were different than the lines available in the US. There were other bricks companies we considered but they were only available in the smaller queen size (or so that was what we concluded). The latter tended to be available at both hard landscaping suppliers as well as the regular brick suppliers.

What colour brick are you searching for?. What province of Canada are you in?


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Are you sure it's more economical? I've seen some pretty big brick out there. I'd imagine anything you save in a material/sq' sense would be eaten up by higher installation costs.

I've also only seen it on massive commercial warehouse buildings (owned by the brick company). I don't think it would be a nice look on a smaller scale house.

The company I saw that had it was called IXL, but they may be just local.

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