Changes at end of build?

mjtx2August 25, 2012

Okay here's a fun one: What changes can/did you do towards the END of your build? Be they extensive modifications or just small tweaks, what did you do at the end of the game to make your new home just right?

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We added beams to the vaulted ceiling in our master. The master was originally drawn by the architect as a simple 10' ceiling like the rest of the house, but dh wanted to vault it as there is nothing above our master. Well, we did, and it became this enormous expanse of plain vaulted ceiling. Builder suggested beams, we *gulped* at the price...but OMG I am so glad we did it...makes a world of difference. And, as I told dh, adding beams later is not the kind of project you ever seem to get around to. We have so many other things (ambitious landscape plans, etc) plus
9 yo and 12 yo children that seem to occupy all of our $ and time...if we hadn't done it during the build, I don't know when we would have gotten around to it.

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That's a great late change! Worth the money I'm sure. I know I'm changing some light fixtures - some of the ones I ordered just weren't right. I'm also changing paint colors - just wondering how common last minute changes are!

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