Repairing crack in solid surface shower pan

weedyacresOctober 16, 2013

My parents had a contractor install a new shower a couple years ago with a custom made solid surface pan and tiled walls. They have just discovered that it leaks (to the living room ceiling below), due to a nearly invisible crack in the base.

They had the contractor come look at it and he's scratching his head saying he's never had that happen before. No solution has yet been proposed.

Any advice I can provide my parents on how this might be fixed?

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I would think the base cracked because it isn't properly supported. It has to come out.

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It doesn't have to come out.

Hot melt a straight edge to the bottom of the pan adjacent to the crack. Route a dado over the crack and almost through. Cut and fit a color and particulate matched piece into the dado making a snug fit, but loose enough to allow color matched methelmethacryate adhesive. Apply adhesive to the male and fit it in. It should be just proud of the pan. When the adhesive has set, hot melt blocks to the router bottom and route off the excessive glue and material. Sand and finish.

Check the rest of the pan for hollow spots by tapping gently but firmly. If you find any, drill the pan, inject epoxy and fill the hole with color matched material and adhesive. Sand and finish.

Make sure the drain opening has all edges sanded smooth and all tool marks removed too.

Post some pics.

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OK, my bad. Apparently it's granite, not solid surface. I live a few states away, so was going on (bad) memory.

This brings to mind SFH's recent thread with the cracked soapstone shower base....

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It may be possible to do a repair similar to the one previously described, but the appearance would depend on the "movement" in the granite, if any.

It may be worth a shot before tearing that thing out.

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Post a pic-Like Trebruchet said it just may be possible.
Granite are usually grainy composition and crack repairs have the potential to look worse then the crack.

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I requested a photo from Dad, but he hasn't sent it yet. My recollection is that it's a granite-look pan (small, even pattern, not lots of movement); hence my recollection of it being solid surface.

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