Blue Star Rangetop - Island Trim

hilltop1155September 4, 2012

I'm hoping someone with Blue Star experience can help me. I'm ordering a Blue Star 6-burner range top for my new kitchen. I plan to place it in a standard 24" deep perimeter countertop, and the wall behind it is to be ceramic tile that goes down to the countertop. Behind the rangetop it would come down to the trim piece. No one here carries an in-store sample of the Blue Star so I'm buying it sight unseen.

After reading a few posts here, I have some questions:

- Does the island trim have slots in the top of it? Is it sloped or flat? In other words, will it look silly to have the ceramic tile come down to the top of that trim piece?

- Do I need to allow space behind the rangetop for the ceramic tile to go down behind the rangetop & trim, rather than having the tile come down and terminate on top of the island trim?

- Should I have the base cabinets built deeper so there is more clearance behind the burners, or is there enough room for reasonably sized pots & pans to sit on the back burners in a standard installation?

The only photos I've found on the net show the range rather than the rangetop, and so the back trim is slotted to vent the oven. I can't figure why the island trim would need slots for a rangetop, but I can't find a photo to show that.

Thanks so much for any advice -


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Len, I'm attaching a link to the bluestar installation manual for your rangetop.
It should answer most of your questions reagrding clearances and required cabinet depth.
I beleive that the island trim is the same for the range as it is for the rangetop so it will have slots and it will be flat.
In order to install your rangetop with 0 clearance, it is required that you install non combustable material behind your rangetop to a level of 6" below the top of your rangetop.
Also, feel free to call or email Bluestar.
I've found them to be very helpful.
Having owned a BS 36" 6 burner range for the last 2 years, I can tell you that you will love your new rangetop.
It is, as someone on this forum describes it, a box of fire.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluestar Rangetop Installation Manual

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Thank you for replying. I've put in a call to Blue Star and left a message for the person who is supposed to be able to help me. So, when you say "0 clearance" are you talking about an install it without the island trim? And if that is the case, could I install stainless behind the stove, then transition to tile above the level of the stove top? And would that leave a gap, since tile is usually 1/2" thick and the island trim is 1-1/16" thick? I could put a piece of countertop in that gap if necessary. Right now I'm just trying to figure out how to make this work.

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Here's our 48" BS after trial fitting into a 24" countertop. The rangetop is pushed all the way back against the wall. Note in the installation manual if you are to put it against the back wall the backsplash must be non-combustable and extend at least 6" below the TOP of the rangetop. The top of the rangetop must also be at least 11/16" above the countertop. The holes in the top of the island trim are actually small diamond shaped holes that allow the inside of the rangetop to vent out at the back.

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Here's one more picture showing the back of the rangetop with island trim.

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Len, the zero clearance includes the island or any other trim you choose.
You should know that the trim does not effect the footprint of the rangetop, as best illustrated by "racmrc's" second pic.
As for the transition from a stainless to tile backsplash, yes, you can run the tile to the top of the island trim and then continue downward with the satainless.
If you do this, your tile will overhang the island trim by roughly 1/2".
While this is certainly do-able, it may not be the best idea.
You're probably best off just extending the tile downward behind the rangetop.

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Thank you both for responding. The photos were really helpful, racmrc, and you have a good looking setup there. I received a call back from Blue Star this afternoon and after I explained to the rep the look I was going for, she said it would be fine to omit the island trim, run a stainless sheet from the countertop downward behind the rangetop, extend my granite countertop behind the rangetop where the island trim would normally go, and then do the ceramic tile from the countertop upward as a backsplash. I think that's how I will go, unless one of you experienced folks has advice to the contrary.

I wonder if I may impose further by asking more opinions...

Do you find the back burners of the rangetop to be adequate in size to accommodate large pots in the normal 24" deep countertop situation? I saw where someone mentioned making the stove cabinet deeper so the rangetop would have more countertop space behind it to accommodate larger diameter pots and wondered whether that was a good enough idea for me to make some changes here, at the 11th hour. I would have to make all the cabinets along that wall deeper to make it work.

Thanks again for your help -

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Certainly, it sounds like what you want to do will work.
As I understand it, instead of the island trim, your plan is to extend your countertop behind the range.
If that's so, you'll have a strip of countertop about 1 1/2" deep behind your rangetop.
I'm not sure if I'd like that look but, to each his own.
More importantly, if you go that route, be sure that the top of the countertop material does not exceed the height of the burner grates so as not to cause interference with whatever pots or pans that you'll have on the back burners.
As to your question about moving the rangetop forward to allow for larger pots, I can tell you that my largest stockpot measures 11" in diameter and to date I haven't had a clearance problem.

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Thanks very much, willtv. That is exactly what I needed to know. I appreciate the further input on the backsplash too. I'll take another look at it and make sure it looks right.

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Len, One more thing.
If you're going to run your countertop material behind the rangetop as you say, you'll need to take into account the heat being reflected by pots and pans on the back burners.
So be sure that whatever countertop material you use will be able to withstand that environmet.
Also, you may want to speak with your local inspector to make sure that your plan will pass muster.

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Thank you, willtv. I'll make sure to check those things.

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