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azmomJune 20, 2014

My only home computer died, it is not worthwhile to repair so I am shopping for new one(s).

Spending some hours in an Apple store, I have my eyes on

Option A: combination of

(1) 21.5 inch iMac, 2.7 GHZ quad-core Intel Core i5, 8GB (two 4 GB memory), 1TB hard drive, Intel Iris Pro Graphics.
I don't play games, and am not into heavy development activities. What I will do would be basic stuff such as web surfing, emails, spreadsheets, documents, semi-serious photo shooting and editing, doing researches, web site authoring and maintenance..etc.
(2) iPAD Air, 32 GB
I plan to use it for books, magazines, web search, emails, light pc work while I am not home. I plan to carry it on trips, for movies, music, books on the airplane, some light pc work with a portable key board.

Option B:
13 inch MACBook Pro with 2.4 GHz and Retina Display, 256 or 512 GB storage for trips. At home, I would hook it with two large monitors as a desktop.

I plan to keep the computer for 5-7 years. I am not too concerned about learning curve switching from Window to Apple family.

Are these two options overkill? Am I over thinking? Which of the two options is good? Are there any alternatives?

Please help me making the decision, I really miss having my own computer.

Thank you in advance.

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I looked into a mac and found out I could not play my computer games. If I bought a Mac I would have to buy all new games and I have 20 + on this pc.

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I have always used Windows. I also have a I phone and bought a I pad Air last year. I find I rarely use the I pad. It is nice for pictures and reading as the screen is bigger. But I rarely use it because its too big and is not a phone.

I use my I phone for almost everything. It is always in my purse or my pocket. The I pad gets left home. I take it for traveling but find I wind up reading on my phone.

I'm not thrilled with the way Apple works with some of the things I use frequently. I can't access My Docs or anything on my computer. I know there is a way, but the work around is difficult so I don't do it.

I wind up on my Windows PC each night. What I don't like about Apple is how proprietary it is. There are Apps which help, but Apple doesn't allow Flash and some of the things I use don't work or are complicated to get to work.

If Windows came out with a phone and tablet which was good, I would switch. I've tried the Surface and the Windows phone and it doesn't compare to Apple. I also don't like the various Android phones.

I actually miss my old Blackberry, which was so easy to use and worked with either platform.

Think hard and twice before switching totally to Apple. It's not as simple as you think, in my opinion.


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Many thanks to your responses.


I don't play computer games, so it is not a concern of keeping existing games I own.


I have a company provided Blackberry, I only use it to make oversea calls for work. Any other calls I prefer to use my personal iphone. To me using iphone is so much easier than Blackberry.

I borrowed an ipad mini for two weeks, really like it. Getting an ipad air is for watching movies.

When I was younger, as a developer of real time system, I liked open systems. I am getting too old now, prefer the tightly controlled environment Apple provided. In addition, I like Apple's customer support.

You brought up a good point, I need to check if the applications I am using also have versions running on Apple. Switching from window to Apple definitely requires research and cost.

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Good luck, azmom. Let us know what you decide. I guess I'm one of the dinosaurs who misses the old phone which I could work without problems (Blackberry). There are things about the Iphone I truly do not like. I find there are too many steps involved when using the phone. Blackberry was a basic, one-step operation. I also liked the keyboard.

Speaking of home computers, I'm probably the only person left who is looking for a desktop. I hate laptops!


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Oh, Jane you are not alone regarding laptops, don't want a laptop in place of a desktop. I did buy laptop/tablet convertible to travel with and I like it better than the last laptop . I can adjust the screen forward, tilt or lay it flat on the keyboard. I can use it without computer glasses.

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Hi Jane,

Update - I got a MACBook Pro.

During the last two weeks I read tons of information, specs, bench mark data... a lot more than I would like, regarding computer, processor, memory, storage,display card, connector, cable, application software availability...etc. I also sit in three training sessions at local apple store. I finally decided to purchase a MACBook Pro.

To ensure a smooth transition, in addition, I brought an one to one training membership.

The computer is so elegant and sleek (its appearance and function), I love the portability and fast response. I love it synchs to me iPhone. So far the learning curve has been a joy.

I have a 3 month old work Wintel laptop, I can tell the big difference between the two. I now realized why each of my kids has a Mac notebook as their home computer in spite of having a Wintel computer from work.

I love my MacBook Pro!!!

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