Unsoliticed Emails

blueheronJune 19, 2014

I keep getting these kinds of emails - the subject line is in bold and it says something like this: "No Fees ATM's & no Min Balance"

When I put my mouse over the message, I can read the first part of the message. It says,

"and this difficulty attaches itself more closely to an age in which progress Shakespeare, is, perhaps, the only thing in which critics will allow us to..."

It really makes no sense and I get these kinds of emails every day. I never open them, I just read the part that I can without opening it. I always put them in the spam folder, but I keep getting them. Is there any way I can get rid of them permanently?

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Get a better spam filter that catches them before they get to your inbox. I'm using ESET NOD32, which is not free, but works very well.

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Can you report them to your ISP or your webmail provider so they can do a better job of filtering them out before they reach you? Hotmail, FastMail both have a "spam" button to click. .

You are seeing the strange text because they are trying to hide from spam filters.

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How about a message rule using the keywords Fees ATM, and if they are in the subject line the email is directed to trash?


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Unfortunately, the subject line is never the same.

And, I do click on the spam button, but they still appear.

I will try contacting my ISP and see what they can do. Thanks, everyone.

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