Anyone have the Kohler Laminar tub filler?

ggdallOctober 23, 2011

I keep going back to this one but I am scared. There is a video on you tube of one behaving badly. No idea whether that person installed it himself or had it professionally done. Anyone have it? I have been told they splash a little when first turned on, but that is ceases when you have a few inches of water in the tub, but splashing will stay in tub if it is a reasonably sized one. Any truth to this? Looking for one to fill a modern looking freestanding up 71" by 32" Thanks in advance!


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Yes they splash , especially if it's a ceiling mount on a 9' or taller ceiling.

Yes, it stops when the water gets to a few inches in depth.

Re: the tub size vs. splash - bigger can be better , but it's not an absolute. We've found that it has more to do with the flatness and texture of the tub bottom and where the stream hits.

Last one we did 4.5' x 6.5' tub with an 8-10" deck and it still splashes the walls in a one or two spots for a minute. The mount ht. is above 9' from the tub. Enough water to show up as spots on a painted wall , but no puddles . Spots dry out fine though. Could be a problem if you want a flat painted wall, paper or matte wallpaper, or some decorative finish. With tile, slab, or vinyl wallpaper you won't give it a thought.

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