Mouse Gestures for Outlook ?

not2brightJune 2, 2011


I have been using Gmote for gestures with Outlook 2007, but I notice it can be buggy occasionally. I thought I'd search online to see if there are any other gesture programs that would work with Outlook. I tried searching for: +gestures +outlook; "mouse gestures for outlook"; etc. but not one result was relevant. Even "gmote" was not found anywhere in the search results !

So, anyway, I thought I would ask here to see if anyone knows of any other gesture program that would work with Outlook that I could try.

Thanks ! :-)

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Okay, I'm guessing the answer's 'no.' :-) No problem.

(I'm only responding here so we can get my post out of the 'starting gate' and moving into the mists of history.) :-)

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