hp envy netbook bios reset is fix. why?

chas045June 16, 2014

I have an HP ENVY Netbook that was new in January (Xmas). It was loaded with Win 8.1 and got the later update when it came out a couple months ago. It has not given me any trouble other than a general lack of clear understanding of 8.1 compared with XP. I mostly use this computer like a desktop (it just sits there).

I was mostly unaware that the netbook even had a fan. However, ~ two weeks ago I became aware of a louder sound from the computer. Over the next weeks I often felt that the sound was growing louder and louder. I have at least a year warranty and I began thinking that I should do something. I (and the wife independently) also realized that objects resting near the computer were warmer than usual. I checked the heat generated from the vent and found it measured 125 degrees F.

I called the HP tech line in India today and she recommended that we reset the BIOS to default. It wasn't clear to me why this would help, but I did it. I was surprised that upon restarting, the noise was gone, the computer was none the less cool and everything was fine. The rep had suggested that Win 8.1 has so many things running that computers can run hot. She may have only brought this up when I was asking if a 125 degree exhaust was too hot. In any case, if I put my ear to the computer, I can hear the fan, but I can't feel any heat or blowing air.

So: my question is, can anyone explain what might have been set wrong that a BIOS reset would correct? Do you think I could have likely damaged the computer while it was running hotter? I don't even know how to observe internal temps or percentage cpu usage with Win8.

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No idea why resetting the BIOS to defaults would cause the fan to run slower. However in amongst the many options in a BIOS is the ability to increase/decrease the cut out temps safety margin.
Modern computers are designed to quit when the CPU (processor) starts to over heat to protect it from damage.

Did you start viewing Youtube or any DVD videos? This would cause an increase in temps and therefore prompt the fan to spin up faster to correct the heat situation.

Did you move the computer at all?
Is it sat on a hard surface? Not on a fluffy kind of tablecloth which would impede the air flow.

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The netbook is sitting on a hard table. I certainly watch Youtube videos on occasion, but not most of the time. I am usually just on line like right now. When the fan began running louder and began exhausting far more heat, it was doing it continuously, day and night and now it is quiet and cool.

I just ran a couple of youtube videos without an increase in heat or fan. I also finally just remembered the name Task Manager to determine activity and see that not much is happening (one percent right now, idle processes 99 percent). Unfortunately we weren't looking at it yesterday when things were running so much warmer.

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