3-way timer for bath fan

petra_ilOctober 24, 2013

Hi everyone,

I would like to replace 3-way switches for a bath exhaust fan with a timer. The fan is 50W, no lights (we have a separate light fixture). I've seen Lutron Maestro timer (with a companion switch) and a similar Leviton LTB60 timer (with a remote switch) that would do the job. Wiring is not an issue, we can easily modify our existing system to provide neutral etc.

I like the simplicity of the Leviton timer, just simply push how long the fan should run and that's all. The question I have is: what happens when you turn on the Leviton remote switch? What setting does it use? The last used or the maximum?

What happens if the fan runs and the remote switch is turned? Does it stop the fan, resets the timing, or does nothing?

Any reason to prefer Lutron or Levitron?

I like the SmartExhaust type (turn on to start, then off with a preset delay) but haven't seen it made for 3-way applications. Is there something similar we could use as 3-way?

I posted this in electrical forum but thought that some of you might have one or the other installed and can help also.

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Multi-Location Control

The Timer can be turned ON or OFF from any of the Vizia +î Remote

Switch locations. The default ON time when a remote is pressed to turn the load ON will be the last countdown time chosen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Instruction sheet

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Dang! I guess I missed that part ... thanks for pointing it out!

(going to hide for a while)

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