Tuff form shower pan experience?

lotteryticketOctober 11, 2013

Has anyone used a Tuff Form shower pan? Apparently it is a curbless shower pan that can be installed on top of the floor joists.

Is it truly curbless?
What is the underlying support?

I've done some research on the web but haven't seen complete answers to my questions. They are a little pricy but I think they are much less than the cost of a retro fit curbless shower.


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Just do a regular mud bed. About $20 worth of materials and it's custom fit to your floor....

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That is most likely what I will do. It's not a huge bathroom and it would be nice not to have a curb. But I'm not shaving any floor joists or raising the floor.

I have read many times that code is to have the curb 2" above the drain. But I skimmed the Massachusetts building code and couldn't find it mentioned anywhere. Although, I concede it could be anywhere in that behemoth of a book(s) and I probably missed it.

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