Omelet maker

salilsurendranSeptember 1, 2014

I usually don't have much time in the mornings and hence I was wondering if there is a device where I can put in raw eggs with shell and It will crack and make an omelet for me? I did some searching but couldn't find a combination of egg cracker and omelet maker.

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I can't think of an easier method than a frying pan and your hands (for the cracking.)

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Sophie Wheeler

Maybe you'd enjoy taking a kitchen basics class to learn to cook. Frying an egg takes about 3 minutes, which is far less than any gadget would take. Or there's always cold cereal.

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Umm, yes, this is essentially my quickest and easiest breakfast meal to prepare (of anything hot)...if you feel this is too much, you probably need to pay someone to cook for maybe a restaurant.

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I thought the OP was a gag, and not a real post.

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Yes!! I suggest you try the Acme Corporation.

Their products were used extensively by one Wile E. Coyote during the 40's and 50's. I have no doubt they have what you need as they produce every product type imaginable, no matter how extravagant or foolish.

One note of caution: Mr. Coyote has filed a product liability suit against them and as the case winds through the courts attention to your omelet maker may take second place.

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plllog do these things find that tiny bit of shell that falls in?

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Shell=extra calcium

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Shell also equals texture, crunch, and that "secret ingredient" we cooks strive for.

Am I the only one whose mind went to the breakfast machine scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when they read the OP?

Here is a link that might be useful: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang egg machine

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To the OP, the pans you linked from Amazon only just help with the shape of the folded omelet. They aren't really "making" the omelet other than helping with the folding part. What about the step after cracking the eggs, which is beating the eggs, and pouring them into the pan? What combination egg-cracker, omelette-pan would be able to beat the eggs? Would there be a teeny egg beater in the machine somewhere?

I saw a retrospective of Julia Child where on one of her old black-and-white shows she cranked out omelet after omelet, on a little electric-coil burner, with a cheap aluminum frying pan, in just minutes.

Your time saving efforts with some machine or special pan won't be very time saving. I will link a video to Jacques Pepin making an omelet in 2 minutes (though it kills me that he is using a metal fork in a teflon pan).

Here is a link that might be useful: Jacques Pepin Makes an Omelet in 2 Minutes

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I had a Chinese roommate who had a unbranded device like the one you are looking for into which you could pour eggs, toppings like tomato, onions and peppers and it would cook the perfect omelet. I used it way more than my roommate did and for eggs I just bought egg beaters. Every morning I would have breakfast ready in 2 minutes till my roommate left. I thought such devices would be common in the market but couldn't find an exact replica.

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Hi Jss8791 - welcome to the Gardenweb! Your Chinese device sounds like a fry pan. Can you please explain how the device differed from a fry pan after you poured egg beaters and toppings into it?

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My suggestion is to mix the omelet ingredients the night before, store covered in fridge, give it a whisk as you're pouring it into the pan in the morning.

Saves seconds!

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Well if you're interested in devices, there is at least one small appliance that's called an "omelet maker", and several waffle makers and electric grills have "omelet plates". There is some merit in using a closeable electric device. I always use a lid to reflect heat down and cook the top of the omelette. It takes awhile to learn the right time to remove it without peeking.

That Bourdain video of Pepin is funny. :) Jacques Pepin was my TV kitchen hero when I was in college. I've never seen him make anything like that sorryass omelette before! That's edited, however, and even that mess probably took more than two minutes to make. :)

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